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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If we were having coffee right now....

whoah, whoah, whoah. long time, no see! So I'm giving away a super cool t-shirt to make up for it after our coffee date :)

If we were having coffee right now...
I'd tell you I couldn't sleep this morning so I picked some coffee up for us and watched the sunrise on the drive back home. (then spilled said coffee all over at a sudden red light. oops! true story)

Talking about true stories and driving- if we were having coffee right now....
I'd confess that I got pulled over for the first time a few days ago.

Sometimes we drive in circles around the neighborhood because the song's too good and summer  is too short.

Sometimes we drive in circles around the neighborhood because the conversations are too good and life is too short.

Sometimes it takes some blue lights and conversations with patrol officers to teach you that driving in circles around and around makes you look like you're up to no good.

Conversations with the officer went like this:

(to set up the scene: it's midnight and the blue lights pulled us over after doing about 14 leisurely loops around the neighborhood with roommate Alex) 

Roommate Alex: "It's okay Haley. Don't freak out. We're okay. We're not doing anything. We're just talking."
*police walks up to car window*
Officer: "Excuse me maaa'am, but can ya tell me why you are going 'round and 'round the neighborhood?"
Me: "I'm so, so sorry!! We were just chatting about life! and um... having some girl talk!!"
*officer laughs*
Police: "Well you're scaring the neighbors. You need to ride home and park it."

*police on patrol mic. cue southern country accent*
Kcccshhhhfuzzzfuzzz "Nooope, I don't need backup. Just a res-i-daint and her girlfraaand ridin' in circles havin' some 'girl-talk'"

LOLOLOLOL. oops. #notadelinquent
cue end of neighborhood circles since then. #sorryneighbors

If we were having coffee...
I'd ask you what your favorite moving/packing foods are. I'd have to say pizza and pb&js are the most perfect moving foods. Should I change the blog name to pizza and pb&js?! Because both make up 99.9% of my diet right now.

If we were having coffee...
I'd tell you I actually just lied. Because ice-cream makes up about 99.9% percent of my diet right now too. So now I'm a liar and a delinquent. dang it!

If we were having coffee right now...
I'd tell you Athens, Georgia has my heart...and I might just cry a few tears. A few weeks ago, I told someone that I thought I'd always be a traveler and I never thought I'd settle in one place. Fast forward ONE day. I was sitting in an Athens Church service when I realized... I'm in love with Athens! It hit me. I love everything about this city! So incredibly thankful for this town and the people in it. Sometimes I get really excited about a new move ahead, but sometimes my heart aches because I feel it is HERE too! Jesus keeps reminding me of Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

The best is yet to come- I know it and He says so and I'm so excited to see how these plans unfold!

If we were having coffee right now, I'd ask you what Spotify playlists you recommend?! 
I FINALLY GOT SPOTIFY after one of my tenth graders told me I was a Grandma for not having it. And it has changed my life. PB&Js+ John Mayer=best packing combo. With a side of Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and Jonas. #nolongeragrandma

And I'd conclude our coffee date asking if you've heard of So Worth Loving

I first heard about So Worth Loving a few years back at Passion. It is an incredible company with a powerful message: Love You- Love People because YOU are So Worth Loving. Empowering businesses are my favorite, and this is a good one!!(check out some more here)

So Worth Loving sent me a t-shirt to giveaway to YOU! All you have to do is enter below: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

& be sure to check out all of their other great t's and fun things! 

HEY! This coffee date has been fun. Let's do it again real soon :) Happy Tuesday, friends! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

summer advice!

 Just a little advice on how to have the very best summer: 

Start weekdays with waffles...

...and follow up with new weekly traditions:

Party like it's 1999...

...all the time.

Travel new places...

 &... new faces. 

Treat yourself to movie nights and popcorn, 

 dress up for the occasion,

...and have meaningful conversations with your royal and loyal friends:

Dream big, worry small. 

 Celebrate often,

& eat lots and lots of ice-cream :) 

Happy, happy summertime friends!

Monday, June 6, 2016

wild and free

Our oven and stove have been out of commission for a week now. The old protectant coating on the "element" of our electric oven caught fire last week (due to the oven's old age- not my baking skills...just had to throw that in!) when I was preheating it for a batch of double chocolate chip brownies and a giant spark/firework-like display resulted in some dramatic sirens, a big red truck, 6 firefighters through our front door, (some background singing of nelly's hot in here), and an oversized bowl of brownie batter that had to be eaten with a spoon while watching this whole thing play out. (dang it)

Y'all. Not having an oven has been the hardest thing! If you've read my "about me" I cook and bake all. the. time. probably obsessively. (oops) It's therapy and fun and results in some delicious meals occasionally! Since the oven/stove tragedy, I don't think I've ever had so many meals out. (thank you Mellow Mushroom & Chick-fil-a & Barberitos. y'all are the real VIPs)

But without an oven, I've realized I have so much more time to do other things! No more planning what to cook, no more cooking, and no more kitchen to tidy. Instead, I've been able to fly through some incredible books that have set my HEART ON FIRE and I think you should add them to your summer reading list as well!

First up: Wild and Free: A Hope-filled Anthem for the Woman who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough

Usually, I'm a morning time quiet time person. There's nothing better than the sunrise, front porch, and a cup of warm coffee....

...but I've had a lot of additional free time to read in the afternoons now too! And Wild and Free has been so good for my heart both mornings and afternoons, YOU MAY WANT TO ADD IT TO YOUR AMAZON CART RIGHT NOW!

Last year, I was in a meeting with my work team and I specifically remember saying... I just feel like too much and not enough and I feel pulled in all directions because of it. I'm pretty sure I shed some tears in my car on the way home that day because insecurities are real and set us back from living in freedom. When I first heard about Wild and Free, I Prime-shipped it so it could arrive at my front door asap. The enemy comes to steal and kill and destroy. and so often, I feel controlled by these feelings. But the enemy has been defeated! and Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan highlight so many truths in Wild and Free that kick this control to the curb!

 ^^BOOM. So good.

Sometimes I feel so set back by my insecurities and lack of freedom- thinking about what other people will think of me, not beginning a project because it won't be good enough, fears in not succeeding or knowing what steps to take. fears, insecurities, worries, anxiety. These limitations have put us in a box and have resulted in us putting God in a box. But He can do immeasurably more!! and He has created us to do good works because of His son that died on the cross for us! Ultimate freedom.

"Our life in Jesus means we're made righteous and have no need for shame or fear of sin."

God's freedom allows us to be Wild and Free because His perfect love for us casts out all fear!

"Contained, terrified living is not the kind of life Christ died for me to live." 

A few weeks ago, I read about a great way to memorize scripture so that I can take it with me and remember truth when I feel the insecurities and lies creeping in.

"Put On The Full Armor of God So You Can Take Your Stand Against The Devil's Schemes" -Ephesians 6:11.

This verse has been on my hand and heart and with me for the past few days and has reminded me daily to fight the good fight and live in freedom.

So friends, grab this book. Write down a verse. and remind yourself to live in freedom because YOU have been won by perfect love.  Happy, happy Monday!

Other book reviews:


Thursday, May 26, 2016

looking forward to this summer...

This summer has been full of so much GOODNESS!!


Still so much more to come!

I'm most looking forward to....

...all the weddings ahead!! 

We have a big wedding weekend coming up and can't wait to celebrate, dance, and par-tay with the future Mr. and Mrs. Tyson!!

Athens Adventures:

We're creating an Athens bucketlist to cross off a few more adventures before the summer is over! (click this link if you'd like to see some fun things to do if you're visiting)

Disney. Disney is happening. Maybe once. Maybe twice.... 

Dole Whips are happening. Maybe once, maybe twice. 

Walks and talks
Summer walks and talks are the best! With new friends and old friends.... all the walks and talks! I think I could walk and talk all summer long

Lots of books! 

I don't know why it has taken me so long to discover our front porch, but I'm up watching the sun rise (OUR NEIGHBORHOOD HAS THE BEST SUNRISES AND SUNSETS!!) every morning. Coffee and book in hand! Currently reading Wild and Free (SO GOOD), but stay tuned- a summer reading list is on its way

Happy summer days friends! It's going to be a good one! :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

chasing the moon

As senior year dwindled down to its final days, I really thought this summer was going to be an ordinary summer. But this past month has been so far from ordinary. My heart has been so overfilled with joy and love, I've really thought it could explode!!!

I've had a lot of fears about this summer because I didn't have any big, crazy plans for the next couple of months- I have feared the everyday ordinary.

A couple nights ago, we sat in the living room and shared our hearts, our anxieties, our worries. We talked about trust, and the future, and Jesus' truths and promises. We laughed and we cried and forgot about time (and sleep).

Last night, we toasted to breakfast for dinner and summer adventures....

 ...and then remembered that Mars was making a special appearance. We jumped in the car and headed out to find it, but the moon stole the show! It was the biggest and brightest I have ever seen! We parked our car on the sidewalk between a giant field and winding highway and everything was still.

We originally set out to see Mars- so tiny and barely noticeable- but we couldn't get past the greatness of the moon. I think this is how God works. We think we have our minds set on our own big, giant plans and then He has something even bigger and better in store for us. Mars was great...but THE MOON! These moments can't be captured with a camera (we tried!)- only experienced.

There's extraordinary in the ordinary and Jesus makes sure of it. Every single detail! Everyday is a blessing and new day. We just have to open our eyes and soak in the moments that matter the most. It's only been a week, but this summer has been one of the most joyfilled yet. Sometimes, I just don't get it! God's mighty power and greatness and reassuring peace in the most unexpected ways. So thankful.
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