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Monday, May 22, 2017

Share an Ice Cold Coca-Cola Poolside this Summer!

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SUMMER IS HERE! All capital letters necessary, because I really don't think I can be more excited about it. Summer just feels like freedom and spontaneity and good times. We've already made a summer bucketlist and have decided that maybe it should just stay summer forever!

This is my first Texas summer though, and I hear it gets hot, hot, hot. So we decided to kick off the summer memories and check our first pool day off the list!

As a former Georgia girl, Coca-Cola™ is near and dear to my heart. Both Coca-Cola and I call Georgia home! So I was super excited to work with Coca-Cola to throw a refreshing summer pool party and to share ice cold Cokes poolside with friends! I really couldn't imagine a summer without Coca-Cola: for as long as I can remember, it has been a summertime staple!

Of course, a pool party is no fun by yourself, so I invited a few of my favorite friends to the party with personalized bottle invitations via text!

Share a Coke is back and 1000+ names are now available on Coca-Cola bottles, now including first AND last names!

Throwing this party together was quick and easy.

On the way home from work, I ran into my CVS...

(CVS is the perfect place to pick up the bottles for on-the-go moments like heading to the beach, going to summer concert festivals, etc!), grabbed personalized Coca-Cola bottles (in the refrigerated section across from the chips/cookies- 2 for $3 with CVS card!!), headed home to pack a few snacks in the cooler,

 and then we went straight to the pool.

 Ice Cold Coca-Cola is the best refreshment to be shared during Summer’s hottest moments!

Ice cold Coca-Cola cheers to many more spontaneous pool days and summer fun to come!  

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Friday, May 19, 2017

10 More Things to do in Dallas, Texas!

It is absolutely blowing my mind that I have been in Dallas for almost a year! This has been the fastest year yet. Graduation truly feels like yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I can still remember almost every detail of that week!

Time is flying, for sure!

After my first trip to Dallas when visiting the city for the very first time before moving here, I posted this blogpost about things to do in Dallas:

But since my one year Dallas-iversary is approaching, I thought I'd share ten more things that you must do in and around Dallas (and 10 more things still on my Dallas bucketlist!)

So here are ten MORE things to do in Dallas! 10 things 2.0!

Lower Greenville:

Lower Greenville has become one of my very favorite places in Dallas! And we live super close by, so we are here often. I had to break up the list a little because I think lower Greenville deserves a couple must-do listings of its own:

1.The Truck Yard is an area in Lower Greenville with a variety of food trucks and we hang here a lot! There is lots of mix-matched furniture, sometimes live music, and of course- all the food trucks. cheesecake, gyros, pizza, ice-cream. It's a fun place!

2. HG Sply Co,

Steel City Pops,
& JOY Macarons...

are all in Lower Greenville and I believe are restaurants that deserve their own listing. Sundown at Granada is further down Greenville, but is also one of my favorite restaurants that I've visited since being here.

And hey! Hang around lower Greenville, and you may run into Flo Rida!

3. See a Ranger's Game: Nothing really says summer like baseball and sunshine. I used to go to Brave's Games every year, but now I've turned into a Ranger's fan! (Braves, you'll always have my heart too though!!) I'm becoming a true Texan. When in Dallas!

4. Trinity Groves: Trinity Groves is an area of alternating restaurants near downtown Dallas. It's a little pricey (we share meals and maybe will only get appetizers), but still a cool area to check out. Not to mention Kate Weiser chocolates and Cake Bar are there. I'm a big fan.

5. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: 

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the perfect place to see the city and soak in the sun. It's located right next to Trinity Groves, so after you eat all the chocolates at Kate Weiser, you can walk it all off as you check out the bridge. Haha!

6. White Rock Lake: I LOVE White Rock. So much.

It is so close to home that I'm there almost everyday! I've caught a glimpse of the best sunrises and sunsets at White Rock, and it is a great place to walk or ride bikes.

or roller blade.

or hammock.

You do have to watch out for the hard-core bicyclers though. They mean business.

7. Magnolia Market and Silos

We visited here for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was so great!

We were crossing our fingers we'd run into Chip and Jo,

but now we just have to visit again since we could not find them. :)

The market is so fun to walk around, there are many food trucks, fun games, and of course- the bakery! Definitely add this to your Texas bucketlist.

8. Velvet Taco & Twisted Root

When friends come into town, there are two food stops that happen before the trip is up.
1. Velvet Taco:

and 2. Twisted Root.

Velvet taco has my favorite queso ever! I usually order the Rotisserie Chicken taco or the Tikka Taco. And Twisted Root has the best burgers! I always order the Verde burger with bbq sauce.

9. The State Fair:

Before we know it, it will be fall and the Texas State Fair will be back! It is HUGE in Texas. Absolutely huge. Everything is fried and wonderful. And I think going to the fair may be a new annual tradition.

10. Deep Ellum
Deep Ellum is an arts neighborhood in Dallas. There are lots of restaurants and fun shops and live music, but we go for the free (sometimes old-school gangsta rap) yoga on Saturdays!

Woo!! We've done a lot in a year, but I think things to do in Texas are endless! Here are ten more things I want to do on my Texas list-

Things still on my Texas to-do list:

1. Dallas Zoo
2. Reunion Tower
3. Fort Worth Stockyards
4. Big Bend
5. Austin
6. Houston
7. Klyde Warren Park
8. Dallas Arboretum
9. Dallas Cowboys game
10. Sixth Floor Museum

If you're in Dallas, let me know your favorite places to visit! Happy travels, friends!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dallas in a Weekend!

My good friend, Krista, flew in from Atlanta this past weekend- and we made the very most of it!

We have tasted and seen that Dallas is good for sure!

Velvet Taco, Dallas

Yoga-ed it off at Jade and Clover in Deep Ellum,

more eats and treats and good times,

HG Sply Co. Dallas

Joy Macaron, Greenville Ave, Dallas

and we stopped by Magnolia in Waco, and had the most peaceful Saturday!
(however we did not see Chip and Jo- next time, next time.) 

Magnolia Market, Waco TX

 We walked around White Rock Lake and Lower Greenville, and tried even more food!! Ha!

Flower Child, Dallas

It was the sweetest of weekends pretending I don't have finals this week! 😏
Now going to go get back to that study grind! happiest of Tuesdays, friends! 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

24 Hours in Cali- disneyland edition

You know those days when you are super crazy busy and life seems like a whirlwind?

so you jump on a plane and head to Disneyland and place life on pause just for a sec?! or more like 24 hours!?

This past weekend was one of the best weekends ever. Pretty sure hopping on a plane to anywhere is life-giving, but hopping on a plane and heading straight to the happiest place on earth- pure bliss, my friends.

We hopped off the plane at LAX,
stayed in an AirBnB right in Anaheim,

and headed to Disneyland the next day.

Disneyland is much different than Disneyworld in that we walked onto almost all rides all day long, which was pure magic in itself.

(however Disneyworld is extra special and still my fave!)

Space Mountain for the win x3.

Is this Schmidt from New Girl? yes or no?
Also churros and Dole Whips for the win.

 all the Disney snacks all the day long!

 Voted most-likely-to-be-chasse'ing-around-Disney

and most-likely-to-spot-characters-from-a-mile-away:

Thankful for friends who stop what they're doing to jump on airplanes with me.

Also, thankful for Cali hippie food to balance out all the above Disney treats:

Only regret is that we didn't get to see much of Cali! 
So who's ready to hop on a plane & do that next!?!? 😏

Picked up a couple mugs to make getting-back-to-the-grind a lot more manageable. teehee.

^^they make paper-writing 10234329 times better.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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