Cupcakes and Sunshine: about me.

about me.

This blog was started in 2012 as I dabbled in recipes and the musings of a flour-dusted kitchen, but now has become the holding place of my highlight reel & some favorite memories I don't want to forget. So if you're still reading, thanks for sticking around. ✌️Glad you're here! The title of this blog may be a little outdated and untelling at this point (evidenced by the background being covered in "photobucket" remnants) but hoping until I figure out some html tricks, that cupcakesandsunshine will remain a highlight holding place until further ado :)

This page (& site) are currently under construction, but here's a little about me in the meantime:

I'm a big fan of rustic pies, farmer's markets, and bottomless cups of coffee. My home state is Georgia, but I love living in the great state of TX. I believe home is where you place your welcome mat, so come on over!

You'll probably find gluten free recipes, some good reads, and hopefully some encouragement in your everyday here!

 I'd love to chat:


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