Cupcakes and Sunshine: about me.

about me.

                                                         1. hey y'all! i'm haley southey.
Jesus follower. cupcake maker. sunshine seeker. world traveler wannabe.

2. i studied public relations at the university of georgia (go dawgs)

3. & now i live in dallas, texas studying christian leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary.

4. i like cupcakes and i like sunshine A LOT. so I thought i'd blog about them (as well as some other things!)

5. i'm a firm believer that there is no way there are 4 servings in a pint of ice-cream

6.waiting for the day when i can get one of these:

7. but until then, i'll just keep brunching with these friends in my free time:

8. cold pizza is mind-blowingly delicious (even more delicious if for breakfast) 

9. & so are warm, gooey brownies.
10. i don't know how i'd properly express my feelings without emojis

11. i cut spaghetti noodles into the teeniest tiniest pieces before eating them
12. i'm allergic to gluten (insert sad emoji face here) 
13. sour patch watermelons, guacamole, and queso are my favorite food groups (insert salsa dancing emoji here)
14. you can often find me searching for my car keys….while i’m driving
15. this happens on a weekly basis

16. i can spend lots of hours at a farmer’s market
17. & trader joe’s.
18. i collect cookbooks from bakeries i’ve visited
19.  i definitely say "y'all" a lot more than I should
20. i'm 100% a morning person. 
21. also, surprise me in some way & we’ll automatically become bff’s
22.  ENFJ
23. I work at Boosterthon in the Dallas area

24. i want to live in a big city one day/am moving to now live in a big city!!

25. I could probably eat Chick-Fil-A everyday of my life!

26. chocolate milk tastes best from a wine glass

27. disney is a pretty great place
28. i have Emetophobia
29. slightly obsessed with goose feather down comforters
30. dream is to be a yogi...
31. & to take one of these classes because this is pretty sweet.
32. these are some of my favorite girlies

33. also a firm believer that home is where you place your welcome mat: 

34. i bake when I’m relaxed or stressed
35. & when I’m happy or sad
36. so, in other words, I bake all of the time
37. ballroom dance was the best class taken in college. hands down. 
39. i want to feed giraffes sometime in my life
40. it’s on my bucket list
41. fritos+ M&Ms are a winning combo

42. taste in music ranges from Frank Sinatra to Ying Yang Twins
43. zinnias are beautiful and my fave. and peonies. and sunflowers. they're all my fave.
44. & mango sticky rice at Thai food restaurants?
45. OhMyYum
46. i need want to go have gone to Momofuku Milkbar in NYC
47. i often order off the kid’s menu.
48. prefer to eat desserts with teeny tiny spoons or forks
49. martinelli's apple juice is simply the best
50. yes, I know the guac is extra

51. i LOVE receiving mail!!!! (extra exclamations necessary) Snail mail is my fave
52. i am ridiculously indecisive and if you have ever spoken to me, you can probably attest to that
53. downloading audiobooks on my phone has been the best thing since sliced bread

54. i microwave my pb&js for 11 seconds
55. you can buy my love with donuts 
    56....or a slice of cookie cake (:
(well..gluten free donuts/cookie cake)


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