Cupcakes and Sunshine: Food + Friends (Trader Joe's Haul!)

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Food + Friends (Trader Joe's Haul!)

I realized today that I definitely have more pictures of food on my phone than I do people. It's probably a 5-1 ratio. 🤣 I thought I'd share some of my favorite Trader Joe's finds as of lately that I've been loving! And some photos of some favorite friend + food moments I've been loving thrown in here too.

These are my FAVORITE^^ Forget Reeses Eggs and Christmas Trees. In college I knew all of the workers at Trader Joe's, and I've been working on knowing the TJ Crew members in Dallas too, but it's a bit harder in a bigger city, and when you Trader Joe's hop.

However, friends, I've had some great success....

I am now known as the "Sunflower Buttercup Girl" at our closest TJs. I come in and buy packs of them. As I go through the line, "'re the one that buys packs of those..." oops. Yes. That is me.

I think the best weekends are full of good friends + good food

living out all my foodie dreams^

A couple weeks back, we had a Trader Joe's party and each of us brought a TJs item we've always had our eye on, but just hadn't purchased yet.

Our party featured watermelon jerky, a Greek Spiral, Cinnamon Churros, Cream Cheese Blitzes, a deep dish cookie pie, almond spread, some crackers, tamales, and a few more items. Thinking we should make this a regular event, okay friends!?

And back to the food haul! In addition to Sunflower butter cups, I also purchase bags of Cauliflower Gnocchi to have on hand. Love this stuff!!

Super versatile, healthy, and easy. **DO NOT** follow the instructions on the bag to make it.
Instead, add a tablespoon of Kerrygold Butter to a frying pan (or regular butter/ olive oil, but highly recommend Kerrygold!), add in frozen gnocchi on medium heat. While gnocchi is cooking, slice TJ's Italian Chicken Sausage (LOVE the hints of fennel + spicy kick!) and toss in once gnocchi starts thawing and continue heating until gnocchi & sausage are evenly browned. The easiest lunch!

I've been wanting to try this carrot juice for a while. Didn't love it alone, but added a packet of True Lemon (from Target, not TJs) since the juice itself doesn't have sweetener.  This juice definitely has a KICK. Pretty sure it has black pepper and chili powder? But I love it with lemon!

Just purchased this one today, and have not yet tried, but I can not wait. I'll keep you posted.

***UPDATE: this stuff is GOOD. Probably some of the best hummus I've ever had.

Tried out the jerk-style plantain chips a few weeks back, and I'm super sad to say I didn't love them. They taste like the burnt-toast chips in Chex mix...

 and I usually avoid those. BUT if those are your favorite part of Chex mix, I highly suggest the Jerk-Style plantain chips.

This is one of my favorite easy lunch meals as well. To mix things up, I'll make a meat sauce of browned sausage + spaghetti sauce, and then cook the crust alone. Once crust is baked, slice with a pizza cutter into triangles (like the picture on the box^^), and then DIP in the meat sauce. Switches things up a little :)

Ending this haul with some of my favorite TJ's instagrammer's to follow for new products and some really great ideas!!!
Happy Trader Joe's-ing!


&Mix+ Match Mama's TJ's favorites


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