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Friday, January 18, 2019

We're Jammin'

It's Friday, and we're jammin'! I attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago and as we were leaving, we were gifted sweet fruit jams/jellies.

And then after having toast for breakfast almost every single day (one avocado toast + one jam toast + coffee) since that wedding, decided that I should make some of my own since my diminishing supply of jam wasn't going to keep up much longer with my daily breakfast habits.

This recipe is EASY. You could even say the making of this breakfast jam is totally "cheating." The cashier in Walmart (the best place to get these mini mason jars, worst place to go at 4:00pm on a weekday) even said so when he commented on the frozen fruit I purchased to make it. Something along the lines of, "I see you're making do realize you're cheating. You can't use frozen fruit."

It's fine, we're fine. We're going for simple here. :) Easy jam is better than no jam, sir.

I'd love to make real jam- where you boil your jelly jars, slice fresh picked berries/fruit, use thermometers to measure temp, etc. But with all the busy of the New Year, that just wasn't happening this time.

This jam is sweet and you use pectin to thicken it. If you were to make it and "preserve" it, there would be a lot more steps. But this jam only lasts a week. (that's why you go to Walmart at 4:00pm on a weekday to buy mini mason jars- to share with friends before the week is up!)

Here's the recipe I used:
2 lbs of frozen fruit (I used a mix of strawberry, peach, pineapple)
2 TBS of Pectin
1/2 cup of water
1 1/3 cup of sugar (this is a lot of sugar. reduce at your own discretion)

Add frozen fruit, water, and sugar in a large pot and bring to a rolling boil. Add 2 TBS. of pectin and stir. Reduce to a low boil for ~15 minutes. Remove from heat and cool for ~10 minutes. You have to be really exact here ;) Then pour frozen fruit mixture into the blender. Once blended, pour into Mason Jars and let cool on the counter for ~20 minutes, and then place in the fridge.

*This jam does need to stay refrigerated since we didn't take all of those extra preserving steps.

Serve on toast- I suggest one avocado toast + one jam toast + bottomless cups of coffee.


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