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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Home Sweet Home: On a Journey for Intentionality (and Cozy) in the Everyday

Life lately has been a little busy, but I'm getting back to doing some things that are life giving (why do we get so busy and bogged down and forget simplicity in the everyday?), and I'm focusing on a little more intentionality.

Over Thanksgiving, I took an east bound roadtrip home, stopping in Georgia and South Carolina. It was a long trip, but long trips make good time for lots of podcasts (would you guys like a post on some favorite podcasts?), and some sweet time with the Lord.

Some of those podcasts I listened to were on intentionality in making your home a cozy, inviting place, and this is something that has been on my heart for a long time. I'm so excited to be more intentional with turning our house into a home.

For the past few months, I've been taking notes on all my favorite things about home.

I've been writing down memories of my favorite homes (I have a few below!), what made them feel like home, and I've been taking notes on hints of warm hospitality at each of those homes. I've listed some of those things below and want to know what most makes your house (or others!) feel most like home?

this is one of my favorite places in our current home- our colorful collection of coffee mugs 

  • warm smells of cinnamon / vanilla
  • fresh, crisp bedsheets 
  • board games 
  • a puzzle on the kitchen/ living room table
  • bookshelves with lots of books

  • imperfect furniture pieces with lots of character
  • my aunt and uncle always had a plate of cheese and crackers for anyone arriving out of town (& I always looked forward to getting to their house and eating cheese and crackers and olives growing up- ha!) 
  • arriving to a home with a handwritten note / gift on your bed 
  • twinkle lights/ warm lighting
  • family photos and pictures on the walls 
  • my grandma's refrigerator was a story of its own- with all of our artwork and letters and newspaper clippings she had kept
  • a basket of cozy blankets in living areas
  • lots of laughs

this was one of my FAVORITE homes- the house I lived in in college with 7 of my best friends

  • a welcome mat 
  • fresh flowers 
  • gatherings of friends and family
  • already brewed coffee when first waking up 
  • also the smell of bacon and pancakes to wake you up! 
  • BIG greetings with lots of hugs (also long goodbyes!) 

This is my grandparent's home in GA, and if the weather is cool enough, we always always make fireplace s'mores 

  • warm, fuzzy bath towels
  • Christmas cards /pictures of other friends and family 
  • seasonal candles
  • open cookbooks or a stack of them on the kitchen counter (even better if they look very used!)

an oldie, but a goodie! You can find out how to make your own cheese spread HERE 
  • a cookie jar with fresh baked treats for anyone stopping by 
  • a variety of coffee creamers / variety of teas for guests
  • the question, "can I grab something for you?" or "Make yourself at home!" 
  • the humming sound of the dishwasher/ washing machine
  • holiday traditions (matching pajamas on Christmas eve) 
  • non-holiday traditions (coffee on the front porch) 
  • homemade meal
  • but also pizza and a movie

The Nesting Place has been one of my favorite books on making a house a home, finding beauty in imperfection, and simplicity and grace in warm hospitality. And if you want to know a little bit more about intentionality in making a house a home, check out this podcast by Jamey Ivey's the Happy Hour and Myqullin Smith.


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