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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My 9 Favorite Purchases on Amazon of All Time

Happy Wednesday y'all!

So many new things going on over here, it's been a bit wild. New house, new job, new schedule, new pace of life, and so much more new. I'm thankful and I'm loving every bit of it.

A few weeks ago, we watched a documentary on minimalism, and while I am in no way calling myself a minimalist, I definitely appreciate the art of keeping the most important things, and getting rid of the rest! It's something I want to work on. With all the unpacking, I've come to realize some of my very favorite purchases of all time, specifically through Amazon. (now just working on that whole getting rid of the rest part)

I think I'm a natural researcher. I love Google, product reviews, and asking questions. Finding top products on Amazon is one of my favorite hobbies.

The following are some products that I have researched, absolutely loved, and would recommend 100% to all.

1. Egyptian Sheets: These sheets are the best. They have over 41,000 reviews on Amazon and for a good reason! They are super soft, a great price, and I have slept so much better because of them and my comforter/duvet. (See below) The best sheet set ever. Go get them!

2. Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker: I am obsessed with this speaker. It may actually be my best purchase of all time. I just started working full-time from home, and knew I wanted a great speaker so that good tunes could keep me company throughout the day and all throughout my house.

This speaker is light, portable, and loud. Amazon's description says it has "freakishly amazing 360-degree sound with deep bass." I agree. 

(Shoutout to the bf for this speaker purchase recommendation. the best)

 If you're wondering what I'm listening to recently, This Wild Life, Ben Rector, and Will Reagan's albums are some good work-from-home listens.

3. Comforter/Duvet: See the first photo above, but I have absolutely loved my comforter/duvet set. I knew when I moved that I was going for more quality home purchases with an emphasis on COMFORT. I ordered THIS down goose comforter, and it has been wonderful. It is very hot in Texas right now, but I know come winter months, I may not leave my bed.

4. Dead Sea Mud Mask:

This mud mask is so much fun and works GREAT. Have a girl's night, invite everyone over, maybe drink a little wine, and have a facial party. This charcoal mask has tons of reviews on Amazon and my skin is always so soft and smooth after use.

5. Mini Skillet:

I've talked about this mini skillet before, but I just love it. It is so convenient, easy to wash, and best for if you just want to make an egg or two for yourself. I use it weekly!

6. Mini Steamer:

I despise ironing, but thanks to this mini steamer that I got my freshman year of college, I have never had to. I love this thing, and I think everyone needs one. It is easy to travel with if you need to take it with you on trips, and works wonders! No more ironing!

7. Collagen:

I know I talk about collagen a lot too, but it is one of my very favorite products. It makes your skin super smooth and soft, and can be put in smoothies or coffee.

8. Pentel Energel Pens: I go through a pack of pens probably once a month. These have been my favorite.

9. Smoothie Cups: I love these smoothie cups with dome lids. In the summer, I make smoothies a few times a week, and these cups just make it so easy. Purchasing these does probably make you the opposite of a minimalist, but hey! They make breakfast and snack time a lot more fun. And then of course if you get smoothie cups, you need....

Smoothie straws : These are so cute, and definitely not a need, but they make me happy and drinking fruits and vegetables a lot of fun too.

What have been some of your favorite purchases of all time? Happy Wednesday!


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