Cupcakes and Sunshine: Much to Celebrate

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Much to Celebrate

I've been asking the Lord to open my eyes to see the goodness in each day. I so easily can forget that God withholds no good thing from those who believe in him, and knowing and trusting in this promise brings so much hope for the present and future. Some days are full of learning- some patience, humbling, and challenges. Sometimes even the hard way.

But God is so good and withholds no good thing.

This weekend was a celebratory one!

One of our best girls, Meg, is heading to Nigeria for the next few months to serve and love on some people in need. Meg is one of those friends who exudes compassion and love and wow, what a joy it is to know her. She is humble, kind, loving, and we're sure going to miss her!   

We also celebrated the end of a busy work week and made a trip to the theater... 

and a celebratory dinner because our girl Sarah is GRADUATING!

This week also may have consisted of lots of sun, windows-down old school country music up, and dancing.  Praising the Lord for his goodness and so much to celebrate this week. Happy Sunday, friends!


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