Cupcakes and Sunshine: Life Lately- Things Making me Smile this Week!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Life Lately- Things Making me Smile this Week!

I've been in somewhat of a funk lately, where I've been feeling a bit stuck and there have maybe been a couple of sour lemons here and there.

But the best part of sour lemons, is they make seeking and finding the little joys in the everyday actually a little bit easier! Really, seeking and finding joy is easy when you're looking in the right places. Or actually, just looking at all.

Here are some spoonfuls of sugar lately that have added some sweetness to the lemonade and put a smile on my face!

1. Everybody Always: This is one of my very favorite books. I read Love Does years ago, and I've had this book on pre-order for months! Bob Goff, what a guy I tell ya! Give this one a read. It will make your heart happy!

(also, the colorful fingerprints on the front cover are all fingerprints of witch doctors who have given their lives to Jesus!!)

2. These lemon jammies. I'm thanking Jesus that Target is somewhat inconvenient (in comparison to its close proximities during my Athens days), but this past week, I logged into my Target account for the first time in months and discovered I had a giftcard (?!). Definitely purchased these lemon jammies.

3. Maybe there's a citrus theme going on here, but my sweet grandmother sent me a box of oranges- some  "Florida sunshine"- she said. Happy, happy heart!

4. This mini fry pan has been a life changer!

I make breakfast a priority, and every morning I usually have a fried egg, chicken sausage, and fruit. I got a little bit tired of washing a whole pan for one small egg, and THIS pan has been the ultimate morning-time game changer. It's so dang cute too!

5. She Reads Truth Nehemiah Bible Study.

The She Reads Truth study books are not only beautiful, but they help you dig in to the Bible with an in-depth breakdown of chapters, commentaries, maps, application questions and scripture memory cards. Grab a buddy, grab some coffee, and grab one of these study books. Love these.

6. Coffee dates with this roomie! Whether we're in (lemon) pajamas, or hanging at Starbucks, these coffee dates will forever make me smile.

7. Long catch-up calls with friends from home are my favorite, and I've had a lot of them lately. Thankful, thankful.

8. THIS:

Fight the fight for joy. Love this so much!

My friend Sarah let me borrow a book by a DTS writer who has memorized books and books of the Bible and how she does it in every single minute of her spare time. I've been so encouraged and inspired to do the same. If I would just step off social media in the downtime, and begin memorizing scripture instead- I can't even imagine what an incredible impact that would make on my life. 

9. The DROP App. I really don't know how the app makes money for itself, but every time I shop at Trader Joe's, Target, Whole Foods, Starbucks, or Chipotle (which is where I do most all shopping!), it drops points in my account to earn giftcards to Amazon- without even thinking about it. 

Which is how I purchased the above egg pan, lots of new journaling pens (I go through G2's and Pentel Energels FAST. These make me smile too), and a few more things. Favorite app of the moment. 

10. Territory Foods

I love Territory Foods. I don't know how I could have gotten throughout this past year without them. Picking them up each week feels like Christmas. HURRY because they are giving away $50 of free meals <----if you use this code. (Yes, that's 6 meals for less than $10- no gimmicks, no subscriptions).

You can see my post about them: HERE.

11. Cotton Candy sunrises!

What are some things that have made you smile this week? Happy Sunday, friends! 


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