Cupcakes and Sunshine: Friday Favorites on a...Wednesday!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Friday Favorites on a...Wednesday!!

Good afternoon, friends!! It's Wednesday! A blogpost mid-week?! Friday favorites on a Wednesday? Yep! It's happening! I've been having some health/back issues (more on that later), but I'm resting up with a heating pad and looots of ibuprofen and some sitting and reading.

(also, how cute is my sweet roomie bringing home these spring flowers?)

Here are some mid-week favorites!

1. Turmeric.
Y'all, I mentioned last post that I get LOST in holistic health articles and well...Whole Foods in general. I've been reading about lots of supplements, and ordered turmeric because of its natural benefits-- decreases inflammation (fix my back pain, please? Haha), glowing skin, and can improve memory (I used to have a great memory. Not so much anymore) I loooove turmeric.

I made THIS recipe:

and I recommend if you want to increase your turmeric consumption as well!

Okay, I've become a supplement nerd. I recommend collagen and gelatin SO much for glowing skin. I promise not all of my Friday Favorites (on a Wednesday) will be vitamin/supplement related, but if you are my friend, I've probably told you 100 times to run to the store and buy collagen & gelatin.

Highschool me had TERRIBLE skin! So horrible in fact, that when I started college, I sent Proactiv my before and after pictures to receive a free month's supply of Proactiv (I've been using Proactiv for years) and they asked me to come to CALIFORNIA to be in their commercials!!!! I couldn't because they were going to fly me out during my first week of college, and I couldn't miss that, but... Yep, my skin was that bad that I was almost in a Proactiv commercial. So now I love reading about how to have healthier skin!

Gelatin and collagen are incredible for youthful, glowing skin. We all have natural collagen since it is the building blocks of our skin and nails, however it starts decreasing after time. And taking it as a supplement (or I put collagen powder in my coffee everyday!) increases skin's moisture. And the more moisturized your skin is, the less your skin produces oils, and decreases bumps and wrinkles, and the smoother and more glowing your skin is! I can definitely tell a difference when I do and do not have collagen/gelatin everyday.

3. Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be

Honestly, did not love this book. And I agree with this article here.

4. White Rock walks: I am back to doing lots of walking! I mentioned a bit earlier, but I've been having lots of back pain. My results came back as herniated discs- bleh! It feels like thousands of needles in my back all the time. It hurts to bend the tiniest bit- even brushing my teeth is excruciating pain. Yikes!

I've been super frustrated, maybe a little grouchy (sorry roommates and friends. Thank you for loving me so well during this time!), and a little more sensitive than usual. (okay, maybe a lot more sensitive. Tears here and there). I haven't been to the gym in a long time because of it, so walks at White Rock have been my go-to because walking doesn't require much bending! But also tons of sitting and reading. Very unusual, but my past 4 weeks have been pretty sedentary besides work!

5. SHEIN! A few weeks back, I made my first SHEIN purchases after my roommate had lots of success--and y'all! So many cute things! I read all the reviews before making purchases, but I do recommend!

6. Lots of John Mayer and Frank Sinatra and French Cafe Radio. I think these have always been Friday Favorites, but this week I haven't stopped listening to them.

7. THESE bunny pancakes. I made these a few years ago in college, and I think they are one of my very favorite posts to date!! Perfect for an Easter brunch. So simple, so cute!

8. Easter!! Last year, Easter weekend was one of my very favorites in Dallas yet! It was one of the first times it really hit me that, hey! Dallas is HOME!

Love these friends! We brunched, laughed a LOT, and celebrated our Risen Savior!! I'm looking forward to this Sunday with these sweet friends again.

9. THIS dressing from Trader Joe's.

It's incredible. Actually, it may be the new guacamole. I dip chips in it and everything. SO good!

11. Truffle S'more Brownies: Another really old post, but I've been craving these lately!

Happy spring and humpday, friends!


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