Cupcakes and Sunshine: 10 Things you may not know About Me

Monday, February 19, 2018

10 Things you may not know About Me

Goood Monday morning, friends!

I'm feeling extra thankful to not have to turn off an alarm this morning. Stay in my pjs a little bit longer. Drink coffee a little bit slower. Anyone else with me?!

and I have big plans to rest and relax the rest of the day.

Maybe finish up the Mingling of Souls, and maybe some laundry here and there.

I have some blogging friends who recently did a 10 Things You may not know About Me post, and I thought it'd be fun.

So here we go! 10 Things you may not know about me...

1. I took Italian for years in college. In high school I traveled to Italy, and thought I may move there one day...

(baby faces!) 

So I took a few years of Italian once I got to UGA juuust in case I was going to move overseas.

But now I only remember a simple, "Ciao!" It'd probably come back to me if I went back. Travel trip soon, anyone?

2. I can't watch tv by myself. If I'm home and have nothing to do, the thought of watching tv hardly ever crosses my mind. I just think of all the things I could be doing when I'm watching tv, and it's the opposite of relaxing to me. BUT if I'm with friends and we're all watching a show together, it's different. I can do that. Especially if it's New Girl.

3. I used to write hundreds and hundreds of letters to friends and family growing up. I'd send out letters from my mailbox almost every day, even through college. And I've kept every single letter and handwritten note ever sent to me. I have boxes of them.

In kindergarten, I moved away from the small town I grew up in and my entire class would write letters to me in my new city that year. I still have them.
I guess you can say I'm a little sentimental.

4. I can go to bed at any time but will wake up shortly after 6am (or before) no matter what. I set an alarm clock just in case every morning, but I always wake up before it. Growing up, I was really frustrated by my incapability to sleep in, but I've learned to love quiet mornings and being a morning person.

5. I don't know how to play any sports. At all. I really know nothing about sports. Except gymnastics! I do follow and keep up with gymnastics. I'm a fan of Georgia football as well. (honestly I still don't know much about it though- ha) I don't know how I completely missed out on knowing anything about football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis. This past week I played my first basketball game EVER with 4th graders. Yep, I play basketball at a 4th grade level and still had no idea what I was doing. Maybe I'll just stick to yoga and my occasional kickboxing class...

6. I'm a ceiling fan and box fan fanatic. The downside about my apartment now is that we don't have ceiling fans- ha. I have a box fan in my room that is always on. And if it wasn't too weird, I'd probably have three or four more of them. I'm a fan fan.

7. Small talk is not my favorite thing. It makes me nervous and it is SO unnatural to me. Sometimes I'm really great at it (or really great at faking it...ha!) but sometimes I'm like...get me out of this elevator/grocery store line. I don't think I can come up with another conversation about the weather right now. Yikes. HOWEVER, if it comes to talking about how you got to where you are, your heart,  struggles, life changes, what makes you you- I'm ALL about those deep conversations. Let's just cut to the chase, skip the small talk, and get really real.

8. I like taking a lot of time to make decisions. I think this has its positives and negatives. When it comes to making decisions I like to think about it, pray about it, run every single play about the decision, turn it inside-out and upside down, and THEN I'm ready to take action. I think this has helped me to not act out of emotions and to make some wise decisions, but sometimes I know it would be better if I could just make a decision right then and there. I think sometimes my friends would be happier about this too...HALEY! Just make a decision already!!

9. I have two life regrets/ paths I think about often. Well, I wouldn't really consider them regrets, but I do question them all the time. When beginning college, I really wanted to study nutrition. After taking Biology and discovering that I'd have to take TONS of other science classes not really about nutrition, I decided that was not the path for me. However, I still think about it all the time. And I dream about being a homeopathic doctor of some sort. Some of my best friends from home are nutritionists/dietitians and took that path. I'm thankful for how the Lord has led me to where I am now, but sometimes I tell my dietitian friends I'm living vicariously through their stories and practicum. :)

Secondly, many of my friends today grew up going to camp every summer and then served at camps in their teen/adult years. And there's hardly a day that I don't did I NOT know about this growing up? Camp friends, camp memories, sports (maybe I would have learned how to play sports if I had gone to camp?), being able to learn and share the gospel with kids and being surrounded by such rich community and friends from all over the country!?! I've talked to a few friends about it recently and have wondered if I've missed the ship on this one. I'd love to go to camp/ lead at camp.

10. I LOVED college. Every minute of it. And Athens, Georgia is my very favorite town.

Have you ever heard the country song Red Dirt Road?

Athens, GA was my Red Dirt Road and when Texans ask me where I'm from, I tell them Athens.

My life was changed through our sweet home and the people in it in Athens! 

So there's ten things about me! What are you up to on this Monday off? Hope it's a great one!


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