Cupcakes and Sunshine: January Favorites!

Monday, January 22, 2018

January Favorites!

My roommate pointed out today that it has already been almost a month since Christmas. A month!? How is that even possible. Time is flying, friends.

It's been a long time since I've done a favorites post, so I thought I'd share some of the things I'm loving this January!

1. Blue Bell Ice-Cream

Does anyone know why I always crave ice-cream when its cold out!? I'll take a 1/2 gallon of each flavor please!

2. Glam Glow and Clinique Moisture Surge

Glam Glow and Clinique moisture surge masks are seriously incredible. I have really dry skin in the winter, and these two have saved me! Absolutely my top two favorite skin products ever, and I suggest them 100%.

3. JOY!

I purchased this bright copper JOY sign from Target last year during Christmas, but we've decided to keep it up year-round. It makes me happy just looking at it! 

I usually like to think about or sleep on ideas for a little bit before taking action or making purchases. And I slept on the idea of purchasing a Naked Palette for MONTHS. Just do it! They are wonderful, worth the price, and last forever!! 

I've had this devotional for a while, and I love it! "Intention" is my word of the year this year, and this devotional and journal have helped me to spend more intentional time with the Lord each morning! 

I got this diffuser for Christmas and didn't realize how much I LOVED it until I was sick this past week!! I heard that essential oils help with the stomach bug and WOW, lavender and peppermint oils worked wonders!!  

7. Talking about things I'm loving this January...

It's cold and flu season--gross! Couldn't have made it through January without some Gatorade and crackers. And also this really great text from my roomie who was also sick...

We're on the mend, and feeling much better now. 

8. Vitamin C and Charcoal! 

Vitamin C for cold and flu season. Also it has many other benefits

And activated charcoal as a teeth whitener is pretty incredible. I didn't believe it at first, but after hearing about it and trying it out, I believe it! It looks pretty gross, but hey! it works! 

And that concludes all of my January favorites. Hope your January has been great and filled with lots of favorites as well! 


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