Cupcakes and Sunshine: the best of summers!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the best of summers!

It's WEDNESDAY! Humpday is here and we are almost to the weekend. sort of. (: Although it is summertime, I feel my schedule is more packed with school and work than it has been yet! But summer still feels like freedom. and ice-cream. lots and lots of ice-cream. (<---this is a summer theme I never want to go away)

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite summertime memories ever! So sit back, relax, and get ready for some pretty funny (& really embarrassing) throwbacks as well.We'll do a little time travel through the summers starting with last summer.

Last summer was one of my favorite summers ever. I knew some big changes were on their way with a big move to Texas post-graduation, but I spent the summer in Athens, Georgia (& well-Disney World) before hopping in my car and heading to Dallas.

Last summer seriously feels like yesterday, but it was the sweetest time soaking up final days with college friends and working at Athens Church before moving to Dallas. Midnight runs to Kroger for ice-cream, daily Target and Chick-fil-A trips on our work breaks (ha!), a good friend got married and we danced the night away. I wasn't looking forward to last summer, thinking it would be quite an ordinary one, but it ended up being one of my favorite summers ever just soaking up every last minute in Athens. 

College summers: 
I worked a lot throughout summers in college, but looking back through old photos, I'm so so thankful for all the travel opportunities in between!

My favorite trips were the ones to Haiti:

Absolutely unforgettable memories in the country that has my heart!

One summer, my friend Kelsie's family was living in Hawaii, and invited me to visit:

everything about that trip was like a dream! 

New York: I went to New York a few summers in college, and even considered living there when I first began school. (it was on my bucketlist to live in a big city sometime in life- and now I'm here in Dallas! Crazy!) A couple of times, I went as graduation presents from family (thanks Aunt Susu & Uncle Rog & Gma Anne- Wow!) And another time, I went on a mission trip with CRU to the Big Apple!

Chicago!! I almost totally forgot Chicago because this one was such a surprise trip!

I interned at Athens Church one summer, and each year there is a surprise summer trip. We had our bags packed and knew wherever we'd end up that day, we'd have a good time- the next thing I knew we were told we were heading to the airport and on our way to Chicago!

High School summers: 
In high school, I traveled to Italy with my school and some of my high school besties. I started a baking business (where all the baking began!) to be able to go on this trip, and it was one I'll never forget!

High School summers were also full of baseball games, beach, and camping trips with cousins:

Old School Summers:
I talk about Georgia a lot, but SURPRISE! I'm a fake Georgian. I actually grew up in a super small town in Florida with just a couple stop lights, and a lot of sweet tea.

Cue embarrassing summer throwbacks:

(hahaha- what in the world?^^)
I really did spend many summers four wheeling through Florida swamplands- ha!

also this one:

 Hahaha. Oh boy.

But these are some fun ones!!!

What were some of your favorite summer memories?
Happy day, friends!


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