Cupcakes and Sunshine: 10 More Things to do in Dallas, Texas!

Friday, May 19, 2017

10 More Things to do in Dallas, Texas!

It is absolutely blowing my mind that I have been in Dallas for almost a year! This has been the fastest year yet. Graduation truly feels like yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I can still remember almost every detail of that week!

Time is flying, for sure!

After my first trip to Dallas when visiting the city for the very first time before moving here, I posted this blogpost about things to do in Dallas:

But since my one year Dallas-iversary is approaching, I thought I'd share ten more things that you must do in and around Dallas (and 10 more things still on my Dallas bucketlist!)

So here are ten MORE things to do in Dallas! 10 things 2.0!

Lower Greenville:

Lower Greenville has become one of my very favorite places in Dallas! And we live super close by, so we are here often. I had to break up the list a little because I think lower Greenville deserves a couple must-do listings of its own:

1.The Truck Yard is an area in Lower Greenville with a variety of food trucks and we hang here a lot! There is lots of mix-matched furniture, sometimes live music, and of course- all the food trucks. cheesecake, gyros, pizza, ice-cream. It's a fun place!

2. HG Sply Co,

Steel City Pops,
& JOY Macarons...

are all in Lower Greenville and I believe are restaurants that deserve their own listing. Sundown at Granada is further down Greenville, but is also one of my favorite restaurants that I've visited since being here.

And hey! Hang around lower Greenville, and you may run into Flo Rida!

3. See a Ranger's Game: Nothing really says summer like baseball and sunshine. I used to go to Brave's Games every year, but now I've turned into a Ranger's fan! (Braves, you'll always have my heart too though!!) I'm becoming a true Texan. When in Dallas!

4. Trinity Groves: Trinity Groves is an area of alternating restaurants near downtown Dallas. It's a little pricey (we share meals and maybe will only get appetizers), but still a cool area to check out. Not to mention Kate Weiser chocolates and Cake Bar are there. I'm a big fan.

5. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: 

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the perfect place to see the city and soak in the sun. It's located right next to Trinity Groves, so after you eat all the chocolates at Kate Weiser, you can walk it all off as you check out the bridge. Haha!

6. White Rock Lake: I LOVE White Rock. So much.

It is so close to home that I'm there almost everyday! I've caught a glimpse of the best sunrises and sunsets at White Rock, and it is a great place to walk or ride bikes.

or roller blade.

or hammock.

You do have to watch out for the hard-core bicyclers though. They mean business.

7. Magnolia Market and Silos

We visited here for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was so great!

We were crossing our fingers we'd run into Chip and Jo,

but now we just have to visit again since we could not find them. :)

The market is so fun to walk around, there are many food trucks, fun games, and of course- the bakery! Definitely add this to your Texas bucketlist.

8. Velvet Taco & Twisted Root

When friends come into town, there are two food stops that happen before the trip is up.
1. Velvet Taco:

and 2. Twisted Root.

Velvet taco has my favorite queso ever! I usually order the Rotisserie Chicken taco or the Tikka Taco. And Twisted Root has the best burgers! I always order the Verde burger with bbq sauce.

9. The State Fair:

Before we know it, it will be fall and the Texas State Fair will be back! It is HUGE in Texas. Absolutely huge. Everything is fried and wonderful. And I think going to the fair may be a new annual tradition.

10. Deep Ellum
Deep Ellum is an arts neighborhood in Dallas. There are lots of restaurants and fun shops and live music, but we go for the free (sometimes old-school gangsta rap) yoga on Saturdays!

Woo!! We've done a lot in a year, but I think things to do in Texas are endless! Here are ten more things I want to do on my Texas list-

Things still on my Texas to-do list:

1. Dallas Zoo
2. Reunion Tower
3. Fort Worth Stockyards
4. Big Bend
5. Austin
6. Houston
7. Klyde Warren Park
8. Dallas Arboretum
9. Dallas Cowboys game
10. Sixth Floor Museum

If you're in Dallas, let me know your favorite places to visit! Happy travels, friends!

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  1. Now I want to go to Dallas again! I seriously just love Texas!



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