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Friday, January 20, 2017

velvet taco copycat chicken tikka masala tacos

There are two restaurants I can eat at over and over again in Dallas. First and foremost- HG Sply Co.
I think this is my very favorite place to eat... ever! I have only been a couple of times, but it's my goal to try everything on the menu. (& I can do this because the whole menu is gf!! Happy tears!!) Highly considering a second job to fund my HG and Whole Foods addiction. (half-kidding) They are both way too close and convenient for comfort. Last weekend, we brunched at HG, and I really did almost cry at the table I was so happy. If you're in Dallas, put this one on your list asap!

Velvet Taco is the second restaurant I can eat at over and over again. I do not have any good pictures to show for it because all food is gone before the thought of taking pictures of tacos even crosses my mind!

They have really great outdoor seating, it is open almost 24 hours, and their queso is a dream!! So it is a win-win-win. This past time I visited I learned that their Tikka Masala taco is one of their best-selling tacos. I ordered it... and WOW. It. was. incredible.

But I kept thinking...hmmm, I think I can make this too!?!

Tikka Masala is an Indian dish made with chicken and vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce. I got really hooked on Indian food this past summer when our Athen's Earthfare had Indian hotbar Wednesdays. We'd fill up our to-go boxes after working at the church on Wednesdays, head home to our empty house we were packing up, and watch New Girl in pajamas on the floor with our to-go boxes full of Indian food. Ha! (& then we'd follow with a Ben & Jerry's run to Target afterwards) Special days!

So today, I'm bringing you a recipe for Tikka Masala tacos- inspired by Velvet Taco- except you can make and eat them right at home! So you can watch New Girl. in your pajamas. (and if you want to reminisce on college days, then you can eat them on the floor too!)

They are so, so easy. You can make everything homemade if you'd like, but I used a Tikka Masala Simmer sauce packet (Saffron Road) from Whole Foods...

...added some chicken, made some rice, set out all the taco fixings:

and everything was ready in 20 minutes. You really need to make these!! But just because they are inspired by Velvet Taco's, this doesn't mean you should forego visiting there. You need to do that too! Because their queso is a dream!! And I have no idea how they do that.

Velvet Taco Chicken Tikka Masala Tacos

Corn Tortillas
1/2 pound chicken
Tikka Masala sauce

Taco Fixings: 
Greek yogurt
Jasmine Rice
Chick Peas

1. Cook chicken in Tikka Masala sauce and simmer while getting other ingredients together
2. Warm tortillas in garlic oil/butter
3. Assemble tacos by adding rice, chicken Tikka Masala, and chick peas. Top with yogurt and garnish with parsley.

Happy weekend, friends!


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