Cupcakes and Sunshine: life lately (iphone photo edition)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

life lately (iphone photo edition)

has been a lot of cocoa...

In-N-Out...(too much)

(if too much is possible?!) 

Christmas partays with friends...


lots of studying and not-so-studying with these friends: 

eeeee maybe more not-so-studying than studying: 

I almost quit Dallas when I first moved here. I sure did. I didn't really get into specifics with many people, but I felt like the first few weeks of this new adventure were a very dark cloud, and I was very close to moving back to GA. I missed my people back home a LOT and felt Dallas would never be home. Which is all so crazy because usually I'm all about adventures and newness! I looked at jobs back in Athens. I looked at flights back to Georgia. I cried...a lot. Quit a job because my anxiety was sky-high and I started having panic attacks on the way to work. I wasn't able to concentrate in class due to lots of busyness with that job position, and for the first time since becoming a Christian- scripture became numb to me. It was a scary, dark first few weeks. I wrote this blog post but didn't get into many details because I felt like I was walking through some very tough days. (and because vulnerability is scary)

I took a break, and spent a few weeks resting and focusing on the Lord and quiet time with Him. Rest has been my word of the year for 2016 (something I'm NOT very good at), and I hadn't rested at all since moving to Texas. It was the first time pausing in a long, long time. I spent a lot of time with the Lord, I flew back to Georgia for a restful weekend, took a break from social media, and was reminded that I have purpose and God is with me- wherever I am.

During this rest time, I applied for new jobs and positions and was able to focus on school. I met some of our neighbors for the first time during these few weeks, and our neighbor Maria told us about her heart for the middle east and refugees in the Dallas area. At the same time, I was reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I let her borrow the book and couldn't even sleep because I was so excited about our conversations. Little did I know that a few days later, I'd be applying for a full-time position to work with a non-profit that helps to acculturate, educate, and share the gospel with refugees in Dallas at For the Nations. It's really, really cool how the Lord prepares your heart and equips you for whatever He places in your path next.

Then, I got nervous and anxious all over again 1. because my heart was in it and 2. if I didn't get the position, I really would have to move back to Georgia because I wasn't going to be able to pay for school if I remained jobless- ha! I always have these big, giant fears that God isn't going to provide. And time, and time again- HE DOES. And he always has. I accepted a job offer with For the Nations. In His perfect timing. I was able to rest. Spend a lot of time in the word. Spend a lot of time meeting and getting to know Dallas friends. Spend a lot of time making Dallas HOME. I already miss it and I haven't even made my way to the east-side of the states for Christmas! In addition to cocoa, In-N-Out, and some fun partays with Dallas friends- life lately has been a lot of not-so-necessary worrying. Not-so-necessary because the Lord provides again and again. And today, I'm RESTing in that!


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