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Friday, November 11, 2016

you are love, and love alone.

Last night, we went to the All Son's and Daughter's Poets & Saints concert, and it was an incredible of those special worship nights where you lose track of all time and get to be fully present in the Lord's presence. Those words will speak right to you- so full of LOVE. It was good and my heart needed it.

This weekend, some sweet neighbors invited us over to meet and have dinner with them. Our new neighbor- Maria- told us about her passion and heart for the middle east. She shared so many stories and her LOVE for the world and people just set my heart on fire. I walked into that dinner feeling so tired and weary, and walked away from that dinner feeling so refreshed and renewed and I couldn't even sleep that night I was so excited. It's a joy when you spend time with people who just light up the world-- and it's a joy to get to know your neighbors!!

One of our new friend's birthdays was this past week as well. We left to grab breakfast for dinner and a few hours and about 5 refills later, we were still hanging around the dinner table of Buzzbrews, talking about life and God's faithfulness in even the yucky times and it's funny how just a few weeks ago, we didn't even know each other! After a tough day, these girls encouraged me, prayed for me, and loved me.

My heart needed it too.

This morning, Ben Stuart visited our campus and spoke on our Father's LOVE for us. And WOW did this message come in good timing. More than anything, I need our Father's love for sure. Or I need to be accepting of our Father's love, which has been such a struggle for me. Knowing I'm accepted and adopted and feeling and accepting that I'm accepted and adopted are two totally different things. Because sometimes (a lot) I just run when I am being pursued. I just need to surrender this area of my life to Jesus completely. There's no fear in LOVE, because perfect love casts out ALL fear. If you accept knowing you are accepted by perfect love, then there is nothing to fear.

These past few weeks, I've just been praying for authority, clarity, direction and wisdom. I feel like time has not been my friend, and my fears and anxieties have been taking over my emotions. I've been praying for a YES in a certain area of life, but have been giving and receiving NO's in all directions. Class is the best. It's where I get to sit and rest and learn about the Lord and the story of Jesus and truth. I'm surrounded by friends and community. I walk into class with my best foot forward and may even look like I have myself together sometimes, but then I step away feeling so insecure as I hop back into my car alone and face life and begin to fear the future and the insecurities step in again. everyday.  This is my struggle. But this isn't the way to live! and fear is not of the Lord! I need to rest in the Father's love. I need to accept it and accept knowing that I'm not alone. ever.

Ben's message today reminded us "Your antidote for your anxiety is the authority of your father." WELL HOLY MOLY YES. I have now written this in big giant letters and it is front and center on my wall.

Love has shown through this crazy week of elections, opinions, discussions, NO's, fears, and anxieties. I have friends who are hurt and broken and are living in fear because of political outcomes and "leadership." But we need to remember he is LOVE and LOVE alone. In this time, we need to meet, know, and love our neighbors. We need to gather and accept one another, and we need to know and accept that we are accepted and LOVED because perfect love casts out fear. He is Love and love alone. Even when we fear and feel alone.

I've had the song You are Love and Love Alone by All Sons and Daughters on replay all week. In this time of fear, worries, and anxieties, it's another reminder of our Father's great love for us. Let's accept his love as we accept and love each other. Our hearts need it.

Happiest of Fridays, friends!


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