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Friday, November 25, 2016

quiet time

Recently, I've been really intrigued by how great leaders spend time with Jesus. This topic was something I was really interested in a few months back, and has since come up in a few conversations, so I thought it would be cool to revisit these thoughts and do some research!

I feel sometimes we think...HEY! That person is a great leader! That person is an incredible influencer! I want to be just like them!

But in actuality, we are seeing how much they reflect Jesus in their words and actions, and that is what attracts us and draws us to be led and encouraged by great leaders. It is important to seek Jesus first and he will mold you, shape you, and transform you to become a great leader as you take the posture to surrender your heart to look more like his.

If you are a Christian, you have been called to LEAD. You are a leader! You are an influencer, and the Lord has given you the resources and tools to go into the world and to make disciples. (Matthew 28)

A few weeks ago, I was on a weekend retreat with 10th graders who had surrendered their lives to Jesus, and wanted so badly to know Jesus and become more like him ASAP- right then and there. in the moment. One of my girls said, "I just see so many godly people!! And I don't know how to be godly!"

It was super exciting to see how excited they were to become more like Jesus! But, they were expecting instantaneous growth and heart change, and becoming a great Christian and a great leader is a process of yielding your heart and having disciplined time each day with the Lord.

To become more like Christ, you have to know Christ. And to know Christ, you have to spend time with him and get to know him. This quiet time you reserve with the Lord is the environment for growth and heart change. Your quiet time with Jesus is the most important part of the day because you are surrendering your time to his counsel and guidance to lead you in whatever you do. Isaiah 9:6 describes Jesus as being our "Wonderful Counselor." I love this because it means we can trust him with what we are going through, and he will lead us and guide us as we spend time with him.

One of my favorite leaders, Ben Stuart, said "I’ve never met a good Christian who isn’t in the word every day, and I’ve never met a bad Christian who is."

So first things first, I get in the word each morning!

This is what my morning quiet time looks like...

1. I don't set an alarm clock but I get up really, really early. Mornings are my favorite! I used to get frustrated that I couldn't sleep in (actually most of my life I've been extremely frustrated by it), but now, I am so so thankful for morning quiet time because it is my favorite part of the day- crisp air and stillness and the most peaceful time! I usually get up shortly after 5. Right when I wake up, I start the coffee pot and make oatmeal too. While the coffee pot is going and the oatmeal is on the stove, I grab my bible, journals, and pens and turn the lamp on in the living room. (this week I grabbed my heated blanket as well because it is now cold in Dallas too! hooray!)

I play some worship music (I have a spotify playlist just for "morning" quiet time) Then I pour my coffee and begin praying for focus, a willing heart, and an open mind for whatever the Lord has in store to teach and show me that day.

2. Next, I start writing books of the bible. This may sound a bit funny, but I feel it has helped me to slow down and comprehend the bible SO MUCH. I currently am writing through Isaiah. I'll write a chapter or two- word for word- each morning in a separate journal to start my quiet time. One of the biggest insecurities I have is that I didn't grow up reading the bible and I feel so behind in bible knowledge. (which is SILLY and something I'm working through) Writing the bible has helped me know who is who and where is where and what is what. And I get to soak in each and every God-breathed word!

3. After writing a few chapters of a book, I open my daily devotional. I've had the same devotional for a couple years, and I usually write whatever I am walking through or thinking of each morning on the bottom of that devotional page. I have recently picked up a new devotional, and I'm planning on doing the same thing in this one. I read through the daily devotional, pray about the devotional message, look up the verses on the page, and journal some life applications. 

4. Afterwards, I journal my prayers and spend time with the Lord and just pray about the day and life and the world and for leaders and friends and people on my heart.

A few weeks ago, I wrote down some verses and taped them to my wall so I could see them and remember them throughout the week. And I don't really know how it happened, but the index cards kept growing and growing on my wall as I needed more and more verses. I started writing out prayers and putting them on my wall too. And now I keep index cards with me wherever I go- in the car, in my bag, next to my bedside table.

The cards have really helped me to pray specifically for different people and situations because now I have a whole index card to devote to them, instead of just a...Lord be with them. Amen prayer...ya know? Now I fill each card with specific prayers. Then when the day is over, I hang them all up in the evening time and just think about them and pray about them while I do it. I'm a WORDS person and a VISUAL learner. So this wall is a combo of both and really has helped me during my quiet time to write and see. It is really cool to visually see prayers that have been answered on the wall as well.

5. Usually sometime throughout the day, I'll go on a walk and listen to a podcast too.
I am a podcast junkie to the max, and I'll go ahead and accept the nerd title for this reason. Sometimes I do this in the mornings or evenings, but I'll list some great podcasts by some great communicators below! Podcasts set my heart on fire and just really get me motivated to dive into the word or work on things I need to work on. (also this week, I've been petsitting and I've had a podcast and walking buddy. It's been the best)

6. And lastly, I chat with a friend, accountability partner, mentor/leader a few times each week. Great mentors and leaders will direct you where your focus needs to be during your quiet time. Proverbs 17:7 says iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Find a person you look up to who leads and loves well and ask them for wisdom and advice. (Join a small group!!) If I'm having a hard day, or just need some help, having someone there to pour into me and walk through life with me makes all the difference. Jennie Allen says, "We can't pour out what's not poured in."I have some great mentors and leaders back home in Georgia, and I'm currently working on asking some life advice/wisdom from some great leaders here in Texas too!

Okay, this may all seem like a lot. And it may be, but I have a lot of time in the mornings before I have to start getting ready around 8. If it is time you are needing (which I know from experience this can be a real issue for sure!), PRAY FOR MARGIN AND TIME to spend with the Lord.

If you feel you don't have time, pray for it and the Lord will show you areas in which you can narrow your focus and schedule to spend more time with him. Last year, I was a hot mess of busy all the time. But I asked the Lord to relieve my schedule and show me where I could spend more time with him and he did!

Your quiet time is about how YOU spend time with the Lord. It is resting, and being vulnerable, and just opening up your heart to receive. This could be through journaling, listening to music, writing, creating things with your hands (sometimes I'm just like...I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING AND I NEED TO DO IT NOW), painting, singing, worshiping, reading books, praying on the way to work or class, running (shout out to you. I wish I felt at rest with the Lord while running), etc.

When I was having a hard time finding time to spend with the Lord, I would try to pray wherever I was right in the moment. I used to hate being stuck in traffic, and now I don't mind it because I use that time to talk to Jesus out loud. (the people in the cars next to me may think I'm crazy, but it's fine. it's cool. Jesus is worth it.) And a couple years back, I started parking in the very back of parking lots- and would spend the time walking to wherever I was going- whether work or the store or class- in prayer. Now, it's a habit and I park in the back of almost all parking places, and get to squeeze in some time with the Lord. (He's with you wherever you go! Joshua 1:9

I hope these tips have been helpful and encouraging in some way for you!!

Some of my favorite messages, blogs, and podcasts by some great leaders:

Ben Stuart: Pure and Simple Devotion-

 Nicole V. Cole: Quiet time Resources (<----One of my favorite blogs I follow!!!):
^^lots of good resources and devotionals and encouragement!

Jennie Allen: Choosing Not Empty-

Tim Keller: Basis of Prayer-

Francis Chan: Quiet time-

SoulScripts: Shut Up and Pray (<----One of my favorite blogs I follow!!!): 

Nancy Ray: Organization in my Spiritual Life (<----One of my favorite blogs I follow!!!):

Podcast Suggestions:
Songs on my "morning" playlist: 
  • You are Love and Love Alone- All Sons and Daughters
  • Immeasurably More- Rend Collective
  • Mercy- Amanda Cook
  • Prince of Peace- Hillsong United 
  • Sinking Deep- Hillsong Young and Free
  • Scandal of Grace- Hillsong United
  • Fall Afresh- Jeremy Riddle
  • Rest in You- All Sons and Daughters
  • Oh How I Need You- All Sons and Daughters
  • Reason to Sing- All Sons and Daughters
  • This is Living Now- Hillsong Young and Free
  • Great Are You Lord- All Sons and Daughters


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