Cupcakes and Sunshine: 13 Things I've Learned this Week....

Sunday, August 28, 2016

13 Things I've Learned this Week....

1. I'm going to be sticking around Dallas for a little while, so I should (maybe) slow down on trying out all. the. places...

H&G Sply Co
 (someone hold me back for real)

Ascension Coffee

Velvet Taco
2. New brunch friends are the best friends though

2. Groupon is also your best friend

3. There is so much to do here I can't even believe it

4. I'm addicted to this stuff:

5. This is my view every time I go to buy groceries. I can deal.
Or maybe I can't deal.
I love this.

(**also, you shouldn't take pictures while driving. teehee)

6. If you try Spotify Premium for a week, no matter the circumstances after, you will be spoiled and have to purchase a Spotify subscription.

7.  I may need a puppy.

8. Maybe the grass really is greener:

9. I miss these girlies a LOT:

10. I don't know anything about Dallas sports teams, so until someone talks me into cheering on a team (SOS help) and getting some fan gear, I'm still reppin' Athens I Love You t's.

11. I'll be hanging around here a lot!!

12. The Lord is faithful. And love is a commitment. (the porch) Thankful the Lord chose ME and chose YOU and is committed to loving me and you, so we can commit to loving relationships. God is GOOD.

13. So thankful for the prayers, notes, texts, calls, (snapchats), and more this week. My heart is so stinking full. and life is so stinking good. I feel like I'm living the dream for real!! I can't stop smiling. thank you Jesus! 


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