Cupcakes and Sunshine: chasing the moon

Monday, May 23, 2016

chasing the moon

As senior year dwindled down to its final days, I really thought this summer was going to be an ordinary summer. But this past month has been so far from ordinary. My heart has been so overfilled with joy and love, I've really thought it could explode!!!

I've had a lot of fears about this summer because I didn't have any big, crazy plans for the next couple of months- I have feared the everyday ordinary.

A couple nights ago, we sat in the living room and shared our hearts, our anxieties, our worries. We talked about trust, and the future, and Jesus' truths and promises. We laughed and we cried and forgot about time (and sleep).

Last night, we toasted to breakfast for dinner and summer adventures....

 ...and then remembered that Mars was making a special appearance. We jumped in the car and headed out to find it, but the moon stole the show! It was the biggest and brightest I have ever seen! We parked our car on the sidewalk between a giant field and winding highway and everything was still.

We originally set out to see Mars- so tiny and barely noticeable- but we couldn't get past the greatness of the moon. I think this is how God works. We think we have our minds set on our own big, giant plans and then He has something even bigger and better in store for us. Mars was great...but THE MOON! These moments can't be captured with a camera (we tried!)- only experienced.

There's extraordinary in the ordinary and Jesus makes sure of it. Every single detail! Everyday is a blessing and new day. We just have to open our eyes and soak in the moments that matter the most. It's only been a week, but this summer has been one of the most joyfilled yet. Sometimes, I just don't get it! God's mighty power and greatness and reassuring peace in the most unexpected ways. So thankful.


  1. Sweetest post and pictures! It's always crazy to have times of change and transition. I need that doormat- where is it from?! xox



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