Cupcakes and Sunshine: random thoughts on a monday

Monday, February 8, 2016

random thoughts on a monday

1. This past weekend I attended an If Local Gathering and it was an incredible few hours of relaxing, sipping coffee, meeting new friends and talking about Jesus. Happy, happy heart!

2. Frank Sinatra radio has been on non-stop and will be the rest of the week with big tests and lots of studying ahead. I love him. I don't love big tests.

3. I'm on cup 3 of coffee this morning and it's not even 7:30am. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing at this point.

4. I'm moving through my February goals and checking things off the list! I cleaned my car this past weekend!! (cue the hallelujah chorus) & woke up first thing this morning and headed off to the gym for a run and some cardio-studying (aka reading my Law book while cycling) and a new banana bread recipe is in the oven. That's 3/8 goals!

5. Heading to The Grove at Passion City Church in place of the Bachelor tonight. So, so excited! (but will be catching up on tonight's episode tomorrow)
6. We are THREE weeks away from our departure date to Haiti!!! I attended one of our final Haiti meetings this past weekend and I really just can't wait. I'm $1,450 from my fundraising goal and would love your support financially and/or through prayer these next couple of weeks!! I can't believe spring break is so near! 

7. Something Devine is currently my favorite blog. love, love their travels and videos and photography.

8. Can we talk about Beyonce last night at the Super Bowl?

9. Can we just go ahead and skip ahead to the weekend and another cup of coffee? :)

Happy, happy Monday friends!


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