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Friday, February 26, 2016

fIve randoms on a friday

I thought this Random Five survey from Courtney and Julie was so fun, I had to do it too! I love looking back at these posts years down the road. It's like a blast from the past. Sometimes I go back and read my first blog posts. It's so crazy to see how much has changed and/or stayed the same!
So here we go, and Happy Friday!!

Five: A Random Blog Survey

Five Places I’m Dying to Visit

Europe ~2011
I think I have the travel bug for life. And the thing about travel is once you go one place, you want to visit the next! It's a never-satisfying hunger. So I chose six places I'm dying to visit and not just five. And choosing only six was a struggle!

Thailand. Thailand has been number one on my list for a couple years now. And I feel things about Thailand pop up EVERYWHERE. In a movie. In a commercial. On my newsfeed. In a conversation with a person in passing. On a poster at a bus stop. etc. And every time, I think...IS THIS A SIGN!? does this mean I need to go there? Like NOW!? Like TODAY!? (and then I plan hypothetical trips to Thailand in Word documents while sitting in class and pretending to be typing notes on branding lectures.)

view from above=favorite view. always.

Peru. I think the mountains are beautiful and how fun would it be to ride llamas through the hills?! (do you actually ride the llamas or do they only carry things?! *googling*)

Costa Rica: AHhhh, I just want to hike through the lush forests and sip Costa Rican coffee and zipline through the trees.

Paris. I visited Europe in middle school/high school and I really don't think I appreciated it as much as I would now! Sometimes when I want to visit Paris SO badly, I play French Cafe' radio on Pandora and pick up some macaroons at our local Earthfare and snack on them like it's my job.

Italy ~2011

Australia. Renting a bike and surfing and exploring the great barrier reef and soaking up all the sunshine one day. #bucketlist

London. Potter.  And every time I see Aspiring Kennedy's snapchat stories and trips to Disney world IN PARIS (just when you think Disney OR Paris can't get any better, they put Disney IN PARIS)

*summer travels 2014

Five Foods I Eat Every Day

1. Chocolate OR Trader Joe's sour gummies. These things are ADDICTING. I usually have a hard time choosing favorites, but TJ's sour gummies may just be my favorite candy ever.

2. Almond butter. Every day. Right now, Maranatha Coconut Almond butter is my fave. I eat it on fruit, pancakes, and by the spoonful.

3. Eggs: for breakfast or in salads and such

4. FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT: all the fruit. Today I bought pineapple from Target. Just pineapple. As a snack. love all the fruit

5. Smoothies: as of recently, I make smoothies once or twice a day and I can't get enough!

Five Talents I Wish I Had

Video Editing: It's on my summer list to figure this one out. I need a GoPro, LOTS of adventures, and video editing knowledge =the dream. (See: Something Devine)

To know another language- does this count as a talent?

To be a super yogi like all the yoga instagrammers. so inspired.

The talent of marathon runners. HOW DO THEY DO IT. At three miles, I'm dead. so dead.

I don't know if this is considered a talent either- but forever jealous of people who can make A's on tests without slaving over school books. Ten hours of studying later, and I'm still praying for a grade just a tiny bit more permissible than passing. 

Five Bloggers I Love

y'all, i love these bloggers so, so much. 

1. Hailey Devine and Brad Devine: Something Devine 
2. Emi Rigby: The Well Traveled Wife
3. Lauren Knight: Aspiring Kennedy 
4. Shay Shull: Mix and Match Mama
5: Olivia:

Five Instagram Accounts I Love

AmbitiousKitchen: all. the. recipes. WOW.
JuliaHengel: Girl Meets Glam blogger and style inspo for days.
Vandifair: So cute (& a fellow Disney lover)
RosieLondoner: travels travels travels
RebekahLyons: this girl has got it going on and loves the Lord with all her heart and has a heart of gold herself!

Five Songs I Listen To On Repeat

This was HARD. I like so many songs. So I cheated and chose some artists/singers/musicians I listen to on repeat too:)

Bennie and the Jets- Elton John
All songs by All Sons and Daughters
I like the Way You Move- Outkast
All Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble
Nelly. Nelly Pandora = best workout channel.  ride wit me. 

Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

1, 2, and 3: Tarte is my favorite makeup brand. Mascara. Eyeliner. Lipstick. It's all Tarte.

4. CHI Hairspray: the only hairspray I buy! (I usually get it at TJ Maxx for a great deal!)

5.Living Proof anti-frizz: <-- won this at my hair salon and it's a miracle worker.

Five Movies I Can Watch On Repeat

 I just realized how random my favorite movies list is. I love them ALL!

White Chicks
National Treasure
27 Dresses
Beauty and the Beast
Jingle all the Way
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Five Books On My Current Reading List

Big Magic: It was on my February goals list to start this one and it is SO good y'all. So good.

Annie Downs new Looking for Lovely

Year of YES by Shonda Rhimes- I hear this one will change your life

When Helping Hurts- this one is a life changer too!

The Fringe Hours: I hear about this while listening to a podcast and now I have to read it!

Woohoo! And that concludes the random five survey! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. It's finally THE WEEKEND!


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