Cupcakes and Sunshine: february goals

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

february goals

February is HERE! I love this month. Flowers and chocolate everywhere! And all the good movies. The beginning of the month means new goals, and I'm so excited about my goals this February!

1. Start Emily Ley's Simplicity Challenge: Emily Ley has an incredible 30-day simplicity challenge with a few tiny goals each day. Some of them include clearing your computer folders and desktop, taking ten minutes of quiet time, and walking your house with a bag for things you want to donate or toss. Can't wait to tackle some of these simple mini projects this month!

2. Not get sick: Growing up, I missed THREE different Valentine's Day parties at school because I was sick on Valentine's Day. I would be fine on the 13th and then BOOM. on February 14th: strep throat. & missing Valentine's Day was a big, big deal when you're younger.'s-Day mailboxes. You know what I mean? So now, it has somewhat become a mental goal to NOT be sick on Valentine's Day.

3. Clean Car: It's been a crazy past couple of weeks, but now I have a few more free minutes each day. My car has definitely caught the hot-mess side of life these past few weeks, but I want to get it squeaky clean. New Febreeze fresh-linen plugin for it too.

4. Have a Valentine's Day Party: I am SO excited because my high school girls group will be coming over for a Valentine's Day cookie party this year. We are bringing our cookies and cards to the firefighter's department to bring them some February joy!

5. Get to the Gym: Transfit Athens just opened up in 5-Points in Athens and I can't wait to visit! My goal is simply to get in the gym. I'll set some actual gym goals later :)

6. Make two new recipes: most likely something Valentine's Day related. And preferably with chocolate.

7. Finish Simply Tuesday and begin a new book. With all the busy, I have put Simply Tuesday on pause these past couple of weeks, but I'd love to finish it and begin a new one. I've seen many reviews for Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and I'm thinking it will be next on my list!

8. Mail Packages: I have lots and lots of returns and fun mail I want to send. I just need to head to the post office to cross it off of my list.

And that concludes my February goals for this month. Do you have any February goals in mind? Happy Tuesday, friends! 



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