Cupcakes and Sunshine: February 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

fIve randoms on a friday

I thought this Random Five survey from Courtney and Julie was so fun, I had to do it too! I love looking back at these posts years down the road. It's like a blast from the past. Sometimes I go back and read my first blog posts. It's so crazy to see how much has changed and/or stayed the same!
So here we go, and Happy Friday!!

Five: A Random Blog Survey

Five Places I’m Dying to Visit

Europe ~2011
I think I have the travel bug for life. And the thing about travel is once you go one place, you want to visit the next! It's a never-satisfying hunger. So I chose six places I'm dying to visit and not just five. And choosing only six was a struggle!

Thailand. Thailand has been number one on my list for a couple years now. And I feel things about Thailand pop up EVERYWHERE. In a movie. In a commercial. On my newsfeed. In a conversation with a person in passing. On a poster at a bus stop. etc. And every time, I think...IS THIS A SIGN!? does this mean I need to go there? Like NOW!? Like TODAY!? (and then I plan hypothetical trips to Thailand in Word documents while sitting in class and pretending to be typing notes on branding lectures.)

view from above=favorite view. always.

Peru. I think the mountains are beautiful and how fun would it be to ride llamas through the hills?! (do you actually ride the llamas or do they only carry things?! *googling*)

Costa Rica: AHhhh, I just want to hike through the lush forests and sip Costa Rican coffee and zipline through the trees.

Paris. I visited Europe in middle school/high school and I really don't think I appreciated it as much as I would now! Sometimes when I want to visit Paris SO badly, I play French Cafe' radio on Pandora and pick up some macaroons at our local Earthfare and snack on them like it's my job.

Italy ~2011

Australia. Renting a bike and surfing and exploring the great barrier reef and soaking up all the sunshine one day. #bucketlist

London. Potter.  And every time I see Aspiring Kennedy's snapchat stories and trips to Disney world IN PARIS (just when you think Disney OR Paris can't get any better, they put Disney IN PARIS)

*summer travels 2014

Five Foods I Eat Every Day

1. Chocolate OR Trader Joe's sour gummies. These things are ADDICTING. I usually have a hard time choosing favorites, but TJ's sour gummies may just be my favorite candy ever.

2. Almond butter. Every day. Right now, Maranatha Coconut Almond butter is my fave. I eat it on fruit, pancakes, and by the spoonful.

3. Eggs: for breakfast or in salads and such

4. FRUIT FRUIT FRUIT: all the fruit. Today I bought pineapple from Target. Just pineapple. As a snack. love all the fruit

5. Smoothies: as of recently, I make smoothies once or twice a day and I can't get enough!

Five Talents I Wish I Had

Video Editing: It's on my summer list to figure this one out. I need a GoPro, LOTS of adventures, and video editing knowledge =the dream. (See: Something Devine)

To know another language- does this count as a talent?

To be a super yogi like all the yoga instagrammers. so inspired.

The talent of marathon runners. HOW DO THEY DO IT. At three miles, I'm dead. so dead.

I don't know if this is considered a talent either- but forever jealous of people who can make A's on tests without slaving over school books. Ten hours of studying later, and I'm still praying for a grade just a tiny bit more permissible than passing. 

Five Bloggers I Love

y'all, i love these bloggers so, so much. 

1. Hailey Devine and Brad Devine: Something Devine 
2. Emi Rigby: The Well Traveled Wife
3. Lauren Knight: Aspiring Kennedy 
4. Shay Shull: Mix and Match Mama
5: Olivia:

Five Instagram Accounts I Love

AmbitiousKitchen: all. the. recipes. WOW.
JuliaHengel: Girl Meets Glam blogger and style inspo for days.
Vandifair: So cute (& a fellow Disney lover)
RosieLondoner: travels travels travels
RebekahLyons: this girl has got it going on and loves the Lord with all her heart and has a heart of gold herself!

Five Songs I Listen To On Repeat

This was HARD. I like so many songs. So I cheated and chose some artists/singers/musicians I listen to on repeat too:)

Bennie and the Jets- Elton John
All songs by All Sons and Daughters
I like the Way You Move- Outkast
All Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble
Nelly. Nelly Pandora = best workout channel.  ride wit me. 

Five Beauty Products I Use Every Day

1, 2, and 3: Tarte is my favorite makeup brand. Mascara. Eyeliner. Lipstick. It's all Tarte.

4. CHI Hairspray: the only hairspray I buy! (I usually get it at TJ Maxx for a great deal!)

5.Living Proof anti-frizz: <-- won this at my hair salon and it's a miracle worker.

Five Movies I Can Watch On Repeat

 I just realized how random my favorite movies list is. I love them ALL!

White Chicks
National Treasure
27 Dresses
Beauty and the Beast
Jingle all the Way
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Five Books On My Current Reading List

Big Magic: It was on my February goals list to start this one and it is SO good y'all. So good.

Annie Downs new Looking for Lovely

Year of YES by Shonda Rhimes- I hear this one will change your life

When Helping Hurts- this one is a life changer too!

The Fringe Hours: I hear about this while listening to a podcast and now I have to read it!

Woohoo! And that concludes the random five survey! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. It's finally THE WEEKEND!

Monday, February 8, 2016

random thoughts on a monday

1. This past weekend I attended an If Local Gathering and it was an incredible few hours of relaxing, sipping coffee, meeting new friends and talking about Jesus. Happy, happy heart!

2. Frank Sinatra radio has been on non-stop and will be the rest of the week with big tests and lots of studying ahead. I love him. I don't love big tests.

3. I'm on cup 3 of coffee this morning and it's not even 7:30am. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing at this point.

4. I'm moving through my February goals and checking things off the list! I cleaned my car this past weekend!! (cue the hallelujah chorus) & woke up first thing this morning and headed off to the gym for a run and some cardio-studying (aka reading my Law book while cycling) and a new banana bread recipe is in the oven. That's 3/8 goals!

5. Heading to The Grove at Passion City Church in place of the Bachelor tonight. So, so excited! (but will be catching up on tonight's episode tomorrow)
6. We are THREE weeks away from our departure date to Haiti!!! I attended one of our final Haiti meetings this past weekend and I really just can't wait. I'm $1,450 from my fundraising goal and would love your support financially and/or through prayer these next couple of weeks!! I can't believe spring break is so near! 

7. Something Devine is currently my favorite blog. love, love their travels and videos and photography.

8. Can we talk about Beyonce last night at the Super Bowl?

9. Can we just go ahead and skip ahead to the weekend and another cup of coffee? :)

Happy, happy Monday friends!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

february goals

February is HERE! I love this month. Flowers and chocolate everywhere! And all the good movies. The beginning of the month means new goals, and I'm so excited about my goals this February!

1. Start Emily Ley's Simplicity Challenge: Emily Ley has an incredible 30-day simplicity challenge with a few tiny goals each day. Some of them include clearing your computer folders and desktop, taking ten minutes of quiet time, and walking your house with a bag for things you want to donate or toss. Can't wait to tackle some of these simple mini projects this month!

2. Not get sick: Growing up, I missed THREE different Valentine's Day parties at school because I was sick on Valentine's Day. I would be fine on the 13th and then BOOM. on February 14th: strep throat. & missing Valentine's Day was a big, big deal when you're younger.'s-Day mailboxes. You know what I mean? So now, it has somewhat become a mental goal to NOT be sick on Valentine's Day.

3. Clean Car: It's been a crazy past couple of weeks, but now I have a few more free minutes each day. My car has definitely caught the hot-mess side of life these past few weeks, but I want to get it squeaky clean. New Febreeze fresh-linen plugin for it too.

4. Have a Valentine's Day Party: I am SO excited because my high school girls group will be coming over for a Valentine's Day cookie party this year. We are bringing our cookies and cards to the firefighter's department to bring them some February joy!

5. Get to the Gym: Transfit Athens just opened up in 5-Points in Athens and I can't wait to visit! My goal is simply to get in the gym. I'll set some actual gym goals later :)

6. Make two new recipes: most likely something Valentine's Day related. And preferably with chocolate.

7. Finish Simply Tuesday and begin a new book. With all the busy, I have put Simply Tuesday on pause these past couple of weeks, but I'd love to finish it and begin a new one. I've seen many reviews for Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear and I'm thinking it will be next on my list!

8. Mail Packages: I have lots and lots of returns and fun mail I want to send. I just need to head to the post office to cross it off of my list.

And that concludes my February goals for this month. Do you have any February goals in mind? Happy Tuesday, friends! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

athens, georgia spotlight: ladydale letters

I love seeing people live out their dreams and passions and what they love to do. I've been so lucky to live in Athens, Georgia these past four years and to be surrounded by so many great people, wonderful friends, and talented artists who are passionate about their dreams. My sweet friend, Allison, is the Athens artist behind Ladydale Letters and she is such an inspiration!

I could not wait to share her beautiful site and art with you!!!
Allison began handlettering these fun cards and prints to raise money for a mission trip to Nicaragua in 2013.

Unfortunately her trip was canceled, but her orders for more cards and design work were not! Ladydale Letters grew into a business and she hasn't stopped creating since then.

She even creates maps, custom artwork, and wedding design as well!

^^^Love, love, love it!

Valentine's Day is approaching, and if you are on the hunt for the perfect card or gift, be sure to stop by Ladydale Letters shop and place your order.

(I donut know about you, but I need this card in my life^)

Thanks so much for sharing joy through your creativity and talent, Allison!!!!

Happy weekend, friends!


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