Cupcakes and Sunshine: sometimes adulting is not for the weak

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

sometimes adulting is not for the weak

Hello friends! Happy, happy whatever day of the week it is! The days have been very busy lately, and to tell you the truth, I don't even know what today is. I'll pick up my phone and check on that in just a sec.  :)

I'm checking in to give you a little report about life lately and to say hi!

And first of all, I would just like to say.... adulting has been very difficult lately.
Most of the time, I would say that adulting is pretty great. I like cooking. I like cleaning. I like doing laundry. I like getting up early and getting things done. I like getting in the car and doing what I want to do when I want to. I like running errands. and sending mail. And making sure I'm paying bills on time. And setting up appointments. and adulting.

But adulting has been so hard lately! I'm just tired. So tired. Tired of adulting. And I've been putting off setting up appointments for getting blood work done (ew) and the dentist (ew) and a flu shot (ew) because I just don't know if I can adult those things right now. I've been in a rut. And all I want to do when I get home from classes and work is NOT adult. and not make appointments and decisions about life. and not multitask my way through life. You know?

But then there are things to be done- like more school projects, and studying, and checking email, and responding to 3459340 unopened text messages (sorry, friends). and THEN you have to decide what to have for dinner. and the adult thing to do would be to eat something healthy so you have lots of energy to adult after dinner. but I just want bowls of ice-cream. and mac&cheese. And I just want to pause from adulting. and not have to make another decision for days.

You feeling me?

So tonight, if you need me...I'm wearing mixmatched socks. and not doing laundry. and not working. and not cooking. and not checking email. Sometimes, adulting is not for the weak. and tonight, I'm simply not doing it. I'm taking a pause from adulting.  I'll resume adulting responsibilities tomorrow, but for now, I'm taking a break.

hoping you are having a happy whatever day it is, friends!


  1. i feel you sister! i love this post and your honesty. i just started listening to the best podcast: "happier" with gretchen rubin. the other day the episode i heard was called "treat yourself like a toddler" and said sometimes we don't cut ourselves enough slack and we just need to relax and take care of our basic needs and not do so much adulting! so this is perfect timing :)


    1. ah, thank you thank you!! I will definitely be checking this podcast out!! love that!! :)

  2. YES haley, oh my yes. this is such a struggle! you are so not alone :) thanks for reminding me it's ok to have a week where ice cream for dinner is just going to be a thing and even though I really don't want to set up the dr. and car appt. ... it's ok. Hang in there! adulting ain't easy but nothing good ever really is!

    1. thanks friend, you too!! and so, so true! cheers to ice-cream for dinner and pausing from adulting every now and then :)



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