Cupcakes and Sunshine: Favorites Whole30 Snacks and Healthy Finds

Friday, January 22, 2016

Favorites Whole30 Snacks and Healthy Finds

STILL loving Whole30. It's been almost three weeks now and I have felt better than ever! Now I see what all the buzz is about this healthy eating stuff :) Today I'm sharing some of my very favorite healthy snacks and finds!

RxBars: Love these! With just a few ingredients, these bars have nothing crazy in them and they taste divine. I have one for breakfast most mornings, alongside a cup of coffee (or two.) I order them through Amazon and they come right to my front door. I think the chocolate coconut may be my favorite, but the blueberry one is great too!

Talking about my front door, my Thrive Market box of fun surprises arrived and I was ecstatic. If you remember me mentioning last week, Thrive Market sends healthy, delicious snacks to your door and gives a box of healthy foods and meals to those in need for every purchase. I'll go ahead and unbox all of my Thrive faves for ya:

1. Justin's Almond Butter: The organic cane sugar makes it not Whole30 approved, but whatever. It's almond butter! And it just may be my favorite. ever.

2. Paleo wraps: I haven't tried these yet, but they are made of coconut. And I LOVE coconut. I'll keep you updated about 'em when I try 'em.

3. TRAIL MIX: Trail mix is by-far my favorite snack category ever. It's the perfect combo of salty and sweet and this one is

4. Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Dryer Sheets: YOU GUUUUUUUUUYS. I love Mrs. Meyer's so so much. I purchased the lavender handsoap a few months back, and I've already restocked it twice. When I saw that Mrs. Meyer's makes dryer sheets in the same scent, I put them in my Thrive basket faster than you can say "laundry day." I also have put them in the back pockets of my car seats, my sock drawer, and my closet. Obsessed.

5. Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies: These aren't Whole30 approved, but they are a healthier option! I ordered them for post-Whole30. And I can't wait to try them! Simple Mills sent me their Banana Muffin mix a few weeks ago and I LOVE them, so I know these cookies will not disappoint!

Still on my Thrive wishlist:
  • Alba Botanica Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer 
  • Pure 7 Dark Chocolates
  • Dandies Vanilla Marshmallows
  • Mavuno Dried Jackfruit (wth *what the heck* is a jackfruit? I'll find out!) 
  • Organic Basil Marinara
  • Epic bars

And back to my favorite snacks:

LaraBars: Keylime is my favorite. Followed closely by Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie.

All the fruit. Pineapple. Apples. Grapes. Bananas.


Coconut Chips are incredible. (WOW, I really don't think I can get enough coconut?! beachy, tropical weather must be on my mind)  You can get these at Trader Joe's.

Sweet potatoes: I'll roast them over the weekend and snack on them throughout the week. So easy!

Avocado pudding: the first week was tough without chocolate, but now that I've made this pudding, my life is forever changed. also, I don't like the word "pudding." So I'm going to have to find another name for it. 

Roasted veggies.
Any of your favorite healthy snacks I'm missing? 

I hope you are having a fabulous Friday! Stay warm! (I would say run out and grab the eggs and bread, but if you are Whole30-ing, run out and grab the LaraBars and chicken and zucchini!) Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Have you tried the coconut cream larabar???? They are amazing!

  2. Ill have to try a few of these! Great post.

    LEACH |

  3. That almond butter looks fantastic!

    Lisa Favre

  4. Justins AB is simply the best! I also need to try those rx bars too, i've heard great things about them!



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