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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sweet Travels: Athens, Georgia- Ten Things to Do in Athens

Athens, Georgia has so many gems- hidden and not-so-hidden that have made living in this city for the past four years absolutely unforgettable.

I feel like I have really let life get in the way of having a good time and soaking up as much of Athens as I can before I graduate. I'm not going to let that happen anymore!! (Hold me accountable and let's go do some Athens-y things, okay!?) This town holds many stories, the people who have shaped me to be who I am today, and will always hold a special place in my heart. Here are some things you MUST eat, see and do while in Athens, Georgia!

Favorite Hot Spots and Coffee Shops: 

Ike and Jane:

Ike and Jane, I love you. A lot. Thanks for the countless donuts and peanut butter brownies. And for the promise of getting me through finals week. (And for being one of my first blog posts. Haha!)

Jittery Joe's:

Jittery Joe's is Athens very own coffee shop and my go-to meeting place. always. Their Chai Tea Lattes are the best. And of course, you can't go wrong with Jitt Joe's coffee! You can often find me here on a Saturday morning. (or like...everyday. for real)

Sometimes, I feel Hendershots is way too cool. Like really cool. You know those cool people who sit and sip their coffee and you think...whoah, am I cool enough to be here? One of my good friends, EmilyAnn had a DATE AUCTION here to raise money for her World Race trip a few weeks ago and it was so fun. It's cool. You're cool. So you need to stop by Hendershots when in Athens.

Local Shops: 
Avid Bookshop- perhaps the cutest local book shop EVER. So many fun books and a great place for purchasing gifts. I may have to head that way for some Christmas shopping this year!

Daily Co-op:

LOVE this place. So many unique foods and prepared lunches. It's conveniently located near the bookshop^ So hey! Stop for lunch, stay for a good read.


Umano is an Athens-born tshirt company that is rocking the world in the best of ways. It has an incredible mission (AND a coffee collab with Jitt Joe's.) You have to check it out!

Local Eats: 
Independent Baking Co.

^fresh baked everything. Do I even need to say more?! The whole 5-points area where the bakery is located smells like freshly baked bread and I'm not sad about it. Nope.

Mama's Boy: THE number one breakfast place in Athens. Best of luck finding parking because EVERYONE loves it. and for good reasons too! JUST LOOK AT THIS BISCUIT:

Ideal Bagel:

So ideal. Best bagels. Great atmosphere.

5&10: FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE. Best dining experience in Athens. Incredible meal. You have to go here. I have to go here. Again. Not for those on a college budget, but it's worth eating Ramen noodles and pb&js for a week straight to save up and visit!

Cali N' Titos: There are now two locations in Athens and sometimes I just go for the PLANTAINS. Awesome atmosphere for lunch or dinner. LOVE their outdoor patio and a great place to be on a sunny day!

Big City Bread: Big City Bread, I love your brunch. I love your lunch. You are all kinds of wonderful.

If you are in the area and looking for the best sandwich ever, Big City Bread is your place!! You can even take home a fresh loaf of bread (or two) and lots of baked goods as snacks for the ride home. (I don't know this from experience or anything...)

Things to Do:
Run on Milledge: Running on Milledge is just something you do in Athens if you are looking for a place to be active. But beware of Independent Baking Co. as you're jogging along because it will get ya, friends. #willrunforalltheloavesofbread

Attend a football game: Ahhhh, can you really say you've visited Athens, GA without attending a football game?! Nope, ya can't. Put this one on your list. Thankful for all the memories at Sanford Stadium. #dawgs

Athens Farmer's Market:

LOVE the Farmer's market. Fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. (& baked goods. can't forget the baked goods)

LOVE this town and all it has to offer! Have you visited Athens? Would love to get some feedback on some of your favorite places to go, do, see and eat! Want to save these suggestions for later? Pin this image below for some ideas:

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Happy Thursday and Sweet Travels, friends!


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