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Monday, November 30, 2015

Sweet Travels: Downtown Greenville, SC Travel Guide- Things to Do in Greenville

Happy, happy Monday! These next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy as school is winding down (AMEN) and so I'm going to be putting together some travel guides for the places I've traveled and some of my very favorite places to visit to keep my mind off of all the endless school to-do's until then. ( addition to countless cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix, lots of coffee, and chocolate. lots of chocolate)

Last week, we were in Dallas, Texas and this past week, I was in Greenville, SC. Greenville is one of my very favorite cities. It isn't very far from home, so I retreat there sometimes when I need some time to shop and eat and walk and explore.

I actually did a LOT of Black Friday shopping in Greenville this past week. And I still don't know if that was a good or bad idea. (my heart said wallet said no) HOWEVER, I now I have some cute new booties, scarves, and candles. Winter necessities, ya know?

Shopping: In downtown Greenville, there are so many fun places to shop. In addition to unique boutiques and art galleries, there's Anthropologie...

...which somehow I always end up wandering into and getting lost in. It's not unique to Greenville. But props to you if you can walk by Anthropologie without walking in. 

The Mast General Store has become a Greenville tradition. It has just about everything you can think of- coats, jackets, t-shirts, hiking/camping items, books, cooking mixes, shoes. And the best part? Head to the very back and you will find an old-time candy shop where you can buy any and all types of candy by the pound. (favorite part) We always end up with a few bags of sweets. Always. 


WOW....I can't say enough about the great restaurants in Greenville. Tupelo Honey is one of my favorite restaurants. I think any place that brings out hot, homemade biscuits before you even order is automatically a winner.

Roost Restaurant, High Cotton and Smoke on the Water are other great restaurants on my list. 

You must, must visit Chocolate Moose downtown: 

They have THE best cupcakes that they bake fresh each day. 

I try a new cupcake every time. 


Lots of good coffee shops here too. Most of them play live music or have fun events each week.

Sometimes, I'll stop by downtown Greenville (or Whole Foods ten minutes away) and just work on homework and grab a latte. Studying is no fun, but if you gotta do it, you might as well do it in Greenville!


Throughout Main Street, bronze mice are hidden downtown for finding. If you stop by the Mast General Store, you can pick up the sweetest children's book with clues on where to find the mice. It's a fun tradition and we still get really excited when we spot a mouse or two. This is a great activity for kids!

Reedy River: 

The Reedy River passes through downtown, and after all that shopping (& eating), you can stroll along the river. It is actually a really fun place to go for a run downtown.

Greenville is a great city with many things to see and do! Have you visited Greenville, SC? If so, comment below with some of your favorite things to do! (Always down for suggestions!) Haven't visited before?
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Sweet Travels and happy Monday Friends!


  1. I have friends in Greenville and this post made me want to visit them and venture downtown! Every time I've been we've stayed at their home for the most part for parties or celebrations. I think it's time to go back.

    1. Yes, Greenville is such a great city! Wish I was there now! :)

  2. Hi Haley! My name is Emily and I'm one of the owners of the Chocolate Moose in Downtown Greenville! I just came across this blog post of yours and wanted to say thank you for the kind words about our cupcakes and our store! I'm not sure if you were eating gluten free at the time you visited, but I see that you're GF now! Next time you come back, you'll have to try our new gluten free flavors! Also - we recently moved a few blocks down Main St., so don't miss us next time you're in town. Thanks again for the nice words, you made my day! (A year later ;)

    1. Ahh, Emily!! You are so sweet!! The Chocolate Moose is one of my very favorite places!! I will definitely have to try out all of the gluten free cupcakes when I head back that way!!! :)



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