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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sweet Travels: Dallas Travel Guide, Things to Do in Dallas

And we made it to Dallas! And I love this city so much.We flew into Dallas-Fort Worth airport for a weekend in Dallas and stayed at Hotel Indigo (great place to stay in the city if you are on a budget-see below!), right near the city-center. The weather has been LOVELY for most of our trip but was a bit chilly on our final day. 

***On a side note, why can't I major in traveling and minor in airport food navigation and expertise? 

In Dallas: 

Food You MUST Eat:

Twisted Root Burger Co: This is a very casual and fun place to dine and I think it was a great first-night meal. The burgers were awesome. and the employees were so funny. When you place your order, they give you a card with an actor/actresses name on it and then act it out when it's time to come and grab your burgers off of the counter. I ordered a guacamole turkey burger and it was the bomb.  

Mesomaya: This was BY FAR my FAVORITE restaurant we visited. 

Great service, great food, great atmosphere. I can't say enough about it. Put this one on your list!! We sat on their outside patio and it was beautiful out! 

When we arrived, we were asked if this was our first time dining. The chef brought out their handmade corn tortillas filled with guacamole and told us they bring them to all first time guests. Absolutely incredible. The fluffiest of corn tortillas. Now I'm spoiled and don't know if I can enjoy any other corn tortillas again. 

I ordered the "Lonche Special" which came with lime tortilla soup, a chicken taco, rice and beans. Y'all. So good. 

Stupid Good Coffee: This coffee shop was located in the offices right above our hotel and it was great! 

The coffee was good and the employees told us all the places we needed to visit and see in Dallas. 

And then we just walked right back to our hotel room and enjoyed it there. (only problem- it's not open on Saturdays!) 

Oddfellows: In all honesty, Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District was a bit ehhhh. It was alright, but very busy and the food was so-so. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros. However, the Bishop Arts District is a place you NEED to visit. See down below :)  

AHHH I WANTED TO SPEND ALL MY MONEY HERE^^^ AND BUY THE ENTIRE STORE. Really I did. Gourmet chocolates, chocolate sauces, chocolate spreads, chocolate bark. Couldn't get over it. I wanted it all.  

Sites You MUST See- We stayed in the city and there were many little parks and fun things to do there and in surrounding areas:

Bishop Arts District: 

Loved this area of Dallas! Probably one of my favorites stops. 

This area is full of fun shops, boutiques and good eats. It's an art district, so there are many eclectic finds and things to do. Make sure to check out this area if you are visiting! 

Dallas Museum of Art:

Many museums in Dallas are free of charge! The Dallas Museum of Art is one of them, so we walked around a bit and viewed many pieces and sculptures. 

Dallas Farmer's Market: 

We walked to the Dallas Farmer's Market (which is open every day!) from our hotel. We were a little disappointed because there were many booths and sellers, but no people or visitors. Maybe it was because it was a chilly day? We still made it out with a few things to take home. 

NorthPark Mall/Shopping: This mall is HUGE. We uber-ed there and shopped around and had dinner there one evening. Great shopping, great time!

Christmas/Holiday Specials: We visited a bit too early in the year for any big holiday happenings, but there are many coming up through December! 

Things I still need to cross off my Dallas list: 

Since we were there for a short time, we weren't able to do it all. So guess this means I'll have to visit again real soon!!! :) and cross the following off the list...

  • Dallas BBQ- we had a lot of good food, but didn't get Texas barbecue!!! Next time for sure.
  • Reunion Tower: would love to do this and have dessert in their revolving restaurant! 
  • Dallas Aquarium 
  • Dallas Zoo 
  • Dallas Botanical Gardens
  • Sixth Floor Museum
  • State Fair of Texas (this happens only a couple weeks of the year. We missed it this time by just a few days)

Dallas on a Budget: 
Hotel Indigo:  


When looking for a place to stay, I wanted to make sure I was close enough to the city to be able to walk to most of the places we'd want to visit. The more you walk, the less you pay for travel! Not only was most everything in a walk-able distance, but our hotel offered a shuttle that traveled anywhere in a 3-mile radius. 

Take advantage of these deals, fellow traveling friends on a budget! It made for easy transport around the city.  
Proud to say we are now professional Uber-ers. Uber is awesome. When we wanted to go further than the few miles our hotel shuttle allotted us, Uber was our go-to. We also learned a lot about the city from our Uber drivers (and they entertained us with stories of previous Uber passengers) during the time we were riding. Most of our drivers were Dallas locals and they suggested many places to visit, stay and eat.  
Tacos are a good deal wherever you are. And they just so happen to be incredible in Texas. If you order a plate of tacos, try saving one or two as leftovers to have the next day for a small lunch or snack. A meal saved is money saved. :) 
Use Giftcards: 
When on a budget, take advantage of all gift cards you may have in your possession. (thanks family and friends for these. I save them for important times) Throughout the trip, we were able to have dinner at Seasons 52, coffee at Starbucks and also do some shopping at the mall with gift cards I had. 

Save and pin this Dallas travel guide for later: 

HEY! if you live/have been to Dallas and have some places to suggest, please leave comments below! Would love even more suggestions for the next time we're in the city! 

Sweet Travels, friends!


  1. Wow you are the cutest! No seriously, it's like you walked straight outta Pinterest! And that chocolate shop would've been my kryptonite too ... so so good.

    1. You are too sweet! ...& still dreaming about that chocolate shop! :)



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