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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Back to Haiti: Sweet Travels Cookie Orders

I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel back to Haiti this spring break with our Global X College team and I couldn't be more excited!!! This past summer, I visited Haiti for the first time and it was the most incredible experience of my life and there hasn't been a day I haven't thought about the loving people there! I AM SO EXCITED!

Not only were we able to create relationships with Haitians in the village of Oban, but we were able to host Bible school and share the gospel with children in the village, meet with the leadership council, and pray with those who were sick or in need. Our trip this spring will be a very relational trip as we establish more relationships with those in communities again.

I would love your support through prayer as we are in Haiti this spring. In addition to prayer, I am also in need of financial support and it would mean so much if you would consider giving towards my trip. This year, it is my goal to raise EVEN MORE than my goal so I can help other college students fund their trips as well!!! I'm really looking forward to this trip and can't wait to see how the Lord is going to work through our team!!

To raise money, I am going to be selling and sending cookies to you and your loved ones mailboxes!! (I do make some pretty good cookies). Don't know what to get your brother-in-law for Christmas? No problem! Send a box of homemade, chocolate chip cookies his way. Wanting to send some Holiday cheer to an old friend? or hey! Want a sweet treat for yourself? Two steps! It's easy! You can...

1. First make a donation here:

and then...

2. Send me a message or email me your address and the address you want me to send the cookies to!
and BOOM! Holiday cheer and delicious cookies right at the front door! :)

Want to read more about our trip to Haiti?
Have more questions about Haiti or Sweet Travels Cookies? Feel free to comment below or send a message my way! :) 


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