Cupcakes and Sunshine: If We Were Having Coffee Right Now....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

If We Were Having Coffee Right Now....

....I'd tell you that there isn't anything I love more than coffee dates!

...and I'd probably be really honest and tell you this has been a tough semester! And I may or may not have had a few breakdowns over homework and projects and to-do's and I'm very thankful for roommates who give hugs and words of encouragement generously and fill my heart with truth and scripture and love. Thank you, thank you! (Carly, Sydney, Kelsie, Mary Cate...y'all deserve all the hugs in the world!)

If we were having coffee right now...

I'd tell you I am LOVING this fall weather so much. Because of the cooler weather, I've been able to walk to all of my classes and it has been a great quiet time and all the crunchy leaves and change make my heart smile. I'm a big fan of change.

If we were having coffee right now...
I'd ask if you are a fan of fans? I just received a new ceiling fan in my room and I am head over heels in love with it. I'm a fan fan. And still sleep with three going at all times. It's weird. Are you a big fan fan? Because I know can't be the only crazy one and there are more raving fan fans out there. 

(last year at Vertical Reality)

...and I'd mention that Vertical Reality is this weekend and I am SO excited! Vertical Reality is where I first met my 8th grade girls small group last year, and I've been able to to lead them since then at Athens Church. Vertical Reality is my FAVORITE. I'll be running on a little bit of fall weather and coffee and a lot of Jesus! VR, we're coming for ya! 

If we were having coffee right now... 
I'd tell you I'm conflicted. I'm conflicted because I LOVE my work. I love my work place. I love my work staff (family). It's what I want to do with my life and I know I am in right in the right place! But school. I am conflicted because of school. I sit in class each day learning about things I am not interested in and what I don't want to do in my life. And I am struggling with balancing what I want to do with what I have to do. I'm so stretched and spread at the moment that I'm at the "C's make degrees" thought process at school and I'm really just trekking through and trying my best to keep 1 Corinthians 10:31 in mind..."whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

It's a toughie! 

If we were having coffee right now, 
I'd ask you if you are as excited about the new emojis as I am!? Did you even communicate with someone if you didn't include an emoji?

...and then I'd ask if you have baked anything fall-related and delicious lately. If we were having coffee, I'd show you some of my favorite fall recipes which include:

my Mini Apple Pie Caramel Apples:

my Go-To Pumpkin Muffins:

and my Campfire Truffle S'mores Brownies:

I want to make (and eat) them all (right now).

and finally, I'd conclude with HEY! Let's grab another coffee real soon because life's too short to not have coffee (or cocoa) dates! happy humpday, friends


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