Cupcakes and Sunshine: Friday Favorites: Fall Edition 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites: Fall Edition 2015

ahhhhhhh fall is THE best season. And October is THE best month. I've always wondered if I've liked October so much because it is my birthday month. And then I took my birthday out of the equation and October still is my favorite. Comfy flannels, cozy mugs of coffee, fall movies, jammies, all of it. it's all great.

So on that note, I've decided to share some of my very, very favorite fall finds for Friday favorites!

1. Up first: all things pumpkin. Get ready for pumpkin overload. I baked these gluten free pumpkin spice donuts this morning using Edible Ash's recipe and they were absolutely incredible.

2. I warned ya about pumpkin overload. Trader Joe wins for all things pumpkin...



3. My Leaves candle is my favorite. At first I couldn't find a fave, but after many hours of contemplation (and candle burning), Leaves is the winner. Closely followed by Bath & Body Work's Sweater Weather.


My good friend Kristin, who's in my Ballroom class this semester, and I totally matched this past week^^^

5. Fall weather and runs!!

Y'all, I am not a runner. But I'm trying, I'm trying. & it's finally cooled down a bit. My other good friend Krista called me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go on a 5-mile group run with her in the next hour. She encouraged me and pushed me through it. So I had to snapchat it out there because I RAN 5 MILES AND THAT NEVER HAPPENS. (thanks Krista for all the encouragement. you the bomb)

6. THESE M&Ms. A friend from work gifted these to me. And I'm usually an M&M purist. only original M&Ms please! But these are SO GOOD. (thanks bunches, Dana!!) 

7. Fall polish's. Essie Exotic Cinnamon Plum

I neeed to get my hands on this color^^^ definitely a fall favorite.

&that concludes my fall favorite finds for Friday Favorites today! Hope your weekend is wonderful, friends!! (and go dawgs)

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  1. I need to go to Trader Joe's soon & pick up some of their pumpkin flavored things for myself! It all looks so good.



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