Cupcakes and Sunshine: Morning, Sunshine: Umano and Jittery Joe's and a Sample Sale

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning, Sunshine: Umano and Jittery Joe's and a Sample Sale

How could I not celebrate National Coffee Day? Coffee, Umano, sunshine, mornings, Jitt Joe's, giving back...all my favorite things. And all in one place at one time.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this photo...

...from our fun evening at the Umano and Jitt Joe's collaborative coffee release party last week. Umano is an incredible fashion-first company with the incredible mission to empower kids to unleash their creativity. With every product purchased, Umano gives back a backpack full of school supplies. And kids create the artwork featured on every tee and tank.

Jitt Joe's teamed up with Umano to create its newest coffee blend: Morning, Sunshine. (LOVE it) and I really don't think I can imagine a more perfect blend. Sunshine at its finest!

My good friend Sydney and I were so excited to hear some good music, sip some good coffee, and most importantly- support the mission behind Umano. It was a good evening.

In addition...we were told about Umano's SAMPLE SALE this Wednesday (yes...tomorrow) and we are SO excited to hop in line beginning at 4:00 at Elijana Cosmetics in Athens. Y'all...this is a sale you do NOT want to miss. There WILL be a long line, so you may want to head there early. I will be purchasing any and all tee's/tanks I can get my hands on. Like...the George:

and the Tiny Dancer....

$10 tees y'all! $10 tees!

Hope your Tuesday's been great, friends!


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