Cupcakes and Sunshine: 48 Hours in Chicago

Monday, August 17, 2015

48 Hours in Chicago

I'm currently sitting in the hallway waiting for my next class. on the final first day of classes. ever. and it is a bit mind boggling y'all! SINCE WHEN DID I BECOME A SENIOR IN COLLEGE? and how did the summer just come and go so quickly?!

This summer was short and sweet, but the break definitely went out with a bang. I know I've said it once, but I'll probably say it 100 times more: I LOVE MY JOB. LOVE IT. I work on the Groups and Starting Point team at Athens Church and each day I have to pinch myself because I am surrounded by incredible people, work alongside an awesome team, and have had so many wonderful experiences on staff.

Each year, our intern team is invited on a surprise 48-hour retreat. After work on Sunday, we were given our first clue to where we would be headed that afternoon: and that clue was that we would receive even more clues once we arrived at the airport. We hopped on an airplane and the next thing you know, WE LANDED IN CHICAGO!



It had always been on my bucket list to take a picture in front of the Chicago Bean...

.... and eat a slice of deep-dish pizza, but I had no idea I'd be doing it this summer!

Once we arrived, we unloaded our things at our hotel and then headed to Lou Malnati's pizza in the heart of Chicago.

aaaand I'm pretty sure we just ate our way through Chicago from then on:

^^Do-Rite Donuts. Y'all. I'm still dreaming of these donuts. Can't do wrong at Do-Rite.

Our two coffee conosseiurs on our trip said Intelligentsia Coffee was the best....

I don't know much about coffee, however, I would have to agree.

We couldn't turn down a random impromptu boat trip on Lake Michigan:

& then grabbed more sweet treats at Sugar Bliss:

The Skydeck was one of my favorite things to do in Chicago. Glass Floor. 103 floors above the city.

Not one for the height-phobic.

^^Just make sure you visit on a clear day for the best view.

We got a pretty good view at Wrigley Field as well!

Unpictured was our trip to Second City Theater where we saw a comedy/improv show on our last evening. Y'all. Please put this on your list of to-do's if you are ever headed that way.

Overall, it was an incredible trip with some pretty incredible people and I'm looking forward to spending a whole year with them!

I'm off to class (bleck), but I'll be dreaming about deep-dish pizza and heading back to Chitown all the day long.

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. How cool that your job sent you on this trip! I would love to visit Chicago, and I'm pretty sure I'd eat my way through it as well! But that glass floor...nope! No, no, no, haha.

  2. you did a great job of hitting the highlights in 48 hrs! My fiance lives there and while I've traveled there a few times, I still have yet to hot all the big stuff (like the bean!) they've got amazing food and museums there

  3. I don't live all that far from Chicago, but short of driving though it I've yet to stop and take in the sights. As a food blogger and pizza and donut lover I definitely feel I need to add those food stops to my list of places to visit when I do visit Chicago. Thanks for sharing now I know where to go when my hubby and I finally go visit Chitown.



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