Cupcakes and Sunshine: Back in Session!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back in Session!

Wooo! I'm back to the blog world! The to-do list has been a little crazy lately and I just feel like my creative juices have been at a halt. Props to all the moms and full-time workers who come home and put their creative talents to use in addition to their busy schedules. and then on top of that- blog about it. I'm impressed x100000 and need to learn your secret ways. Please do share!

Can y'all believe that school is almost BACK IN SESSION? The school supply isles are crowding over at Target and boxed snack school-lunch displays are plentiful at the grocery store. It's been a great summer, but I am quite somber to see it go!

It was full of lots of fun... 

(at Chickfila Headquarters!)


Awkward selfies...

^^(This is what happens when I try to be a fashion blogger. One day, friends. One day.)

Good Eats...

^^(Spinach dip at Kumquat Mae in Athens)

^^(THE most incredible Mediterranean bowl at GUSTO in Atlanta)

Sweet treats....

^^(obviously an ice dream...)

^^(Ice-Cream at the Atlanta Ice-Cream Festival from Jake's. SO good y'all. So good)

And even better company....

(Yes, I consider a good book good company. Especially if it involves Harry Potter.)

I've tried assuaging my anxious mind about the back-to-school season with fun fall things that I'm looking forward to... 

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
2. Fall-scented candles (!!!!) 
3. UGA Football

...and I'm hoping the above list will provide some comfort and coping as the first day of classes approaches. ;) 

How's your summer been?! Looking forward to August?! Happy, happy Thursday friends!!


  1. Other Fall Favorites...
    4. Leggings
    5. Bonfires/smores
    6. Scarves
    7. Boots
    8. Your B-day...My B-day!

    The list can go on & on! I just might be ready for Fall! I love you, H-Boo!

  2. I can't even believe that it's time to start talking about fall... just a few weeks of summer left! Woah, where did it go?



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