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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Favorite Foodie Blogs You Should Probably Follow

It's raining out so I snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket and I set my timer for two hours of R&R time. I had planned on taking a nap, but then became entranced by a food blog I read about on Yahoo News while checking my email...which led me to another food blog... which led me to even another food blog (all of the following actually won Saveur 2015 Blog Awards)...which led me to getting up & grabbing a snack because I was practically drooling all over my computer screen.

Here are the really great foodie blogs I came across and I think you probably should check out:

Lady and Pups- This is probably one of THE most genius food blogs I've ever seen. I want to make all of the food. I want someone else to make all of the food and I just want to eat all of the food:


My Name is Yeh blog: Okay. She is cool. Actually, I want to be her when I grow up I think. How beautiful are these pictures? And she makes cookie salads. Yes.... Cookie. Salads.

^^HOW does she make eggs so beautiful? I just do not know.

Brooklyn Supper blog: I spent a couple of weeks in Brooklyn, NY a few months ago and I have never eaten so many delicious things in my life. It must be a Brooklyn thing.

The Tart Tart blog: Not only are there beautiful pictures and recipes, but how cute is the name? The Tart Tart. so cute.

Okay, well I have some packing to do and you've got some food-blog reading to do! Happy Tuesday!

**all photos above are from the sites listed. not my own photos. 

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  1. As if I need a new food blog to follow! I will definitely be checking these out. One of my favorites is Big Girls Small Kitchen!



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