Cupcakes and Sunshine: Friday Favorites (on a Saturday!)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Friday Favorites (on a Saturday!)

Good SATURDAY morning!! Bringing you some Friday Favorites (on a Saturday) today, because Saturday Favorites just doesn't have quite the same ring to it. and it's summer. and all the days run together anyways in the summer so it all works out! :)

1. Can we talk about a La Croix sparkling water obsession real quick!? I mentioned these earlier in the week, but they are just so nice I had to mention them twice! Our house is stocked:

2. Love, love, LOVING this top from Pitaya. Bright summer colors have my heart.

3. Talking about bright summer colors, my good friend Carly and I just picked up some new teal pans from HomeGoods and how cute are they!?

New pans calls for pancakes every day this summer. right?!

4. These GEESE! This is quite possibly one of my most favorite Friday Favorites (on a Saturday) ever. Our Target had a few nesting geese move into the parking lot a few weeks ago & THEY BUILT A CONSERVATION AREA FOR THEM!!!

Every time I'm there (uhhh...which is once a day.... at least.) I drive by the back of the lot and do a couple of donuts to check up on them and see how they are doing.Yay Target for environmental preservation. #targetdoesitagain

5. CHI Hairspray. This stuff is the And smells wonderful. I get mine at TJ Maxx/ HomeGoods, or else it will cost you a pretty penny. But it is my favorite hairspray ever.

6. The Best Yes:

Y'all. I am probably one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet. And even the easiest life choices cause me so much anxiety! What if I don't choose what's best and regret my decision, ya know? I love restaurants, but when the waiter hands me the menu...instant menu anxiety. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE THE BEST MEAL WHEN THERE ARE A HUNDRED CHOICES!?

Are you one of these people too!?

Well this book not only shows you how to pick the Best Yes in small situations, but also discerning God's will in everyday instances and big life decisions. It's been a GREAT summer read and I recommend it 100%.

7. Jonas Brothers: Okay, I don't know what happened but I completely missed the Jonas Brothers stage in middle school. Well, I'm making up for that now. If I'm in my car, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm listening to the Jonas Brothers this summer. Embarrassing? Maybe. One of the best summer decisions ever? Mhmm. Better late than never to jump on the JoBro train y'all.

9. Go Picnics lunches:

These are wonderful. Head to Target right now because they are on sale. They have so many fun, healthy choices. Sometimes I break the boxes up and put everything in my snack basket just so I can have a variety of treats to choose from.

Happy weekend, friends!!


  1. The geese! I had no idea! I will check up on them today during my daily Target run too :)

    1. ha, I love them! so happy you got to see them!



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