Cupcakes and Sunshine: Favorite and Best Workout Songs and Channels

Friday, April 17, 2015

Favorite and Best Workout Songs and Channels

I'm multitasking to the max today. And by that...I'm totally sitting in class right now attempting to pay attention to a lecture on internet trolls and online reputation management while typing this post.

But something very important has been on my mind lately, y'all. I have been feeling quite convicted because...I listen to terrible music when I workout. I do. If it's not hardcore rap, Drop it Low Pandora, or Lil Wayne radio, I usually don't even take a step into a gym. The problem-- these are NOT good messages coming through my headphones when I workout first thing in the morning.

I'm trying to be the best me, so I wake up and head to the gym to start off my day on a good start. But then those terrible songs stick with me throughout the day and I find myself avoiding singing inappropriate lyrics out loud in public. And I'm just thinking this isn't the best me I can be.

So I'm challenging myself to listen to more positive music in the next few weeks. Especially when I workout since this seems to be where my Pandora stations are autotuned to each morning.

I'm including a list of some fun Pandora channels and songs that I'm going to be listening to instead if you'd like to join me in a music detox:

1. 90s Music Channel- throwing it back to my childhood. It's time to say Bye, Bye, Bye to Lil John and hello again to all of my favorite boy bands.

2. Disney Radio- This station is FUN you guys. throwing it waaayy back to childhood and the times of excessive energy and lack of tiredness. How can you not run fast when you feel like a kid again?

3. Lecrae radio- I'm pretty sure Lecrae was in Athens last night actually. I had never even heard of him before starting college, but he is a top gospel rapper and has some pretty great upbeat music for working out. 

 4. All Sons and Daughters radio: This one is good for sunrise runs or stretching/yoga. Slow songs, but LOVE the lyrics. All Sons and Daughters is definitely one of my faves.

5. Justin Timberlake Radio: Y'all. I love him. I really think I do. He's been my celebrity crush since the 90s and I don't think that will ever change. Most of the songs on this station are appropriate, but if not, just press the "next" button. And then get back to Justin. Because he's great.

So there. I did it. I deleted all my explicit channels and I'm starting over with these. It was hard. real hard y'all. But I know this is for the best and I know I will be a better me because of it! 

What are your favorite workout tunes? I need some more ideas! let me know and happy Friday, friends!


  1. Lovely post! Lecrae is AWESOME :) You probably already know this, but there's a setting on pandora where you can turn off 'explicit' songs and it will play the 'clean' versions instead. Hope this helps. xoxo <3

    1. WOW! I did not know about that, but I can't wait to try it out!

  2. I def have struggled with this in the past! I feel like I work out so much harder to bad music. I mostly listen to country now, but the slow songs are not really great to workout to tho :/ I feel you pain, but I pick up on lyrics so easily and hated that I knew all the words to dirty songs.. eek!

    1. I LOVE country music but I've never listened to it while working out. I'll have to try it out!



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