Cupcakes and Sunshine: Now THAT's a Wrap (Healthy California Turkey Bacon Wrap Recipe)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Now THAT's a Wrap (Healthy California Turkey Bacon Wrap Recipe)

If you've been following along the past few days, you may know that my wallet has been ugly crying over my most recent Chai Tea Latte obsession. And because of that, I have been saving money and making a lot of meals at home. I'm actually very grateful for this, because if it wasn't for staying at home, I would have not have discovered the most delicious wrap I've ever had- my California Turkey Bacon Wrap:

I picked up these sandwich wraps at Publix for $1.50 because of their BOGO deals. (Boomshockalacka. I know. Good deal...I was happy dancing down the isle), some turkey bacon, provolone, egg whites for some added protein, an avocado, and salsa.

While you're cooking your bacon, add your cheese to your wrap...

Add your bacon once it's crispy:

Now top with all the good stuff: salsa, egg whites, salt and pepper, and of course...avocado. I'm pretty sure we can call this a California Turkey Bacon wrap. I'm pretty sure anything with avocado can automatically be referred to as "Californian." right?

Now roll it up and enjoy! And run to grab a latte because you saved money staying at home making this wrap :)

California Turkey Bacon Wrap: 

-Whole Wheat Tortilla Flat
-Provolone Cheese
-Turkey bacon
-Sliced Avocado
-Egg Whites

1. Heat your bacon in a skillet until cooked through
2. While bacon is cooking, add cheese to wrap.
3. Layer wrap with bacon, sliced avocado, egg whites, and salsa
4. Wrap and roll and run and grab a latte :) 


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