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Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY friends! And thank goodness! This has been my toughest, yet most rewarding semester of school yet. With so many projects, internships, and  to-do's, it has been a challenge juggling it all. But I've been able to be involved in some really great projects and at the end of each day, it is totally worth it!

Fridays are a time to rest and catch up on my to-do list. And to observe all of my Friday favorites:

1. Chai Tea Lattes:

Y'all. My wallet is crying over the fact that I can drink multiple chai tea lattes a day. Usually chai tea lattes make my stomach hurt. I don't know why, but it has been like this the past three years. I tried a chai tea latte for the first time last week during #TheMix15 ...and no stomach ache. It was a MIRACLE. So right now, chai tea lattes and I are in a "honeymoon" phase and I have been getting at least one latte at Jittery Joe's. Everyday. (wallet=ugly crying)

2. This Buzzfeed blip:

HOW SATISFYING IS THIS VIDEO? So Satisfying! Definitely had to be added to my Friday Favorites list.

3. The llama news: By now, we all know that the llamas and the dress have broken the internet. Sorry Kim Kardashian, but I think they may have you beat! I'm still cracking up over this video though, and with the background music...I can not stop laughing!

4. I have a big, big interview this upcoming week. It really would be a dream come true! Lots of prayers are welcome :)

5. Flip top Water Bottles.

I think I have officially become a water snob. Sort-of. I LOVE flip top water bottles. And luckily, Trader Joe's has them for $0.49. I find myself 100% more likely to drink multiple water bottles a day if they have flip tops.

6. New Red Dress Boutique Glasses:

 I ordered these super fun sunglasses from one of my favorite boutiques- The Red Dress Boutique- right here in Athens. I can't get the warm, spring weather off of my mind. Loved the sunshine that decided to make its debut today!

7. Bath and Body Works Spring Line:

I really don't think a line of bath soaps could be any more perfect- Sunshine and Lemons?  Springtime and Clementines? Blue Skies and Blooms? These soaps make my heart so happy! Spring time, get here quick!

8. Homemade Tagalongs:

It's Girl Scout Cookie Season. Hallelujah! Amen! Funny story...I went to the grocery store to get Girl Scout Cookies. The brownies in their patch-adorned vests were sitting right outside selling Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, the works.

I walked inside to grab cash to pay for the cookies, came outside to purchase my cookies, AND THE GIRL SCOUTS WERE GONE. I was so upset. Thank goodness my friend Carly made homemade Tagalongs- dip a Ritz Cracker in Chocolate and Peanutbutter...Get ready to have your mind blown! They may even be better than the real thing!

Have a happy, happy weekend!

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