Cupcakes and Sunshine: Birthday Celebrations, Super Bowl Parties, and Life Lately

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birthday Celebrations, Super Bowl Parties, and Life Lately

Good Saturday morning friends! and thank GOODNESS for the weekend!

Woowee! Has it been a busy past few weeks. This has been my toughest semester yet, and I'm still trying to find the balance between fun and work and studying. Usually studying takes over, but I've been able to squeeze a few fun things in here and there...

We've celebrated a couple of 21st birthdays- Joni and Mary Cate's- these past couple of weeks.

We were able to visit Athen's newest pie restaurant- Pouch! And had a lot of fun trying new pies downtown.

We hosted a Super Bowl party...

and had snacks and treats GALORE and a full house. My heart was so happy:

We have Bachelor-viewing parties every Monday and it is the highlight of my week, even though this season is quite bleh. (Farmer Chris, you have not impressed me. Can Sean and Catherine just please have their own show?! #bring'emback)

 I just love having a full living room!

I'm off to cross some things off my to-do list and run a few errands. New recipes are coming this week, I promise! You are going to LOVE them.

Happy Saturday, friends!

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  1. Stop you're so cute. Those Super Bowl decorations are awesome!!! Love that you guys have a Bachelor viewing party. So fun!



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