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Monday, January 5, 2015

If We Were Having Coffee Right Now...

...I'd tell you that I have an hour break before my next class and I'm currently snacking on a mozzarella and basil bagel-thin sandwich I made this morning. and it is absolutely incredible.

I'd tell you the Fashion Merchandising class I just walked out of intimidates me like no other! I think the only time I've ever picked up a copy of Vogue was the few minutes of waiting time at dentist/doctor's offices. But after the 90 of us each introduced ourselves and our favorite fashion trend (I said leggings. obviously), I've decided I need a tulle skirt and more lace everything. But I'm LOVING learning about all of these trends and it's challenging me in the best of ways. I like it a lot.

I'd tell you I went to the gym very, very early this morning. & it wasn't even open yet. So that was a bit embarrassing! The workers told me it wouldn't be open for another 30 minutes. oops. But it gave me more time to soak up the quiet, still morning. And I loved every bit of that! Mornings are my love language.

And in that time, I made scones and bacon and biscuits for breakfasting with my roommates. Because I thought it would be a good way to kick off the new semester!

And who doesn't want a delicious breakfast on the first day of school? (I used THIS biscuit recipe)

I'd mention that I start my internship at Epting Events this week and I think it is a dream come true! I get to work behind the scenes at a wedding/event planning business!? I'm pretty excited.

I'd ask you if you knew that The Bachelor starts tonight and I'd invite you to our Bachelor viewing party at 8. I've already picked up the sparkling grape juice and heart-shaped chocolates. Wear  your plaid and cowgirl boots because this season takes place in Iowa, y'all :)

...and finally, I'd tell you how grateful I am for all of the thoughtful gifts from friends and family that I am still finding places for and organizing.

I have been rearranging all of my new books and I can't wait to start each and everyone of them!

Hope your Monday has been wonderful, friends!

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  1. Breakfast and mornings... my two favorite things. good luck with your fashion merchandising class, I'm sure you'll be amazing!



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