Cupcakes and Sunshine: Healthy, Happy New Year! {Banana Berry Beet Smoothie Recipe!}

Monday, January 12, 2015

Healthy, Happy New Year! {Banana Berry Beet Smoothie Recipe!}

Good Monday morning, friends!

Classes have started back and I feel that now that I know how my schedule is going to be, that I'll be checking in more often from now on!

How are your New Year's goals going? Are you still sticking to them? If you can recall my 21 New Year's Goals list, I wanted to give you a little update of how mine are going, if I'm staying on track, and goals that I still can keep working on. I also have a DELICIOUS, healthy New Year's smoothie recipe that will help keep you on track of your New Year's goals if you're hoping to be a bit healthier in 2015:

1. Have quiet time EVERY day: YES! I've been setting my alarm clock early to make sure this is a priority. I have enjoyed reading this devotional and the Message Bible each morning.
2. Blog at least twice a week: Ummmm...Not quite. But I will be from now on :)
3. Make my bed every day: YES. I've made my bed everyday. And it is a life changing habit, I tell ya! 
4. Meal plan once a week: YES. I meal plan on Sundays and dinner prep for the week ahead. It keeps impulse purchases out of site/out of mind, y'all.
5. Start a savings plan: I've started it. But this ain't easy for me, y'all. Purchasing food/eating out is my weakness. I need to continue working on this one!
6. Paint something...anything...often: Not yet. I haven't painted a thing. Hmmmph.
 7. Send Snail Mail once a week: YES! I dropped some "thank you" cards by the post yesterday :)
8. Be more SPONTANEOUS: Well, nope! I haven't done a spontaneous thing in the past few days. Should I plan ahead to be spontaneous!? hahaha. Kidding. Sort of. :)
9. Read the ENTIRE bible: Yes! I've read through John and Luke and will be reading Ruth next.
10. Put some action behind my Pinterest boards: I've pinned some more things, but haven't done any crafting or recipe-making lately. This needs to happen!
11. Visit 4 New Cities: Anyone want to go on a roadtrip? I haven't crossed any of these off my list just yet.
12. Keep up with my Etsy Shop: Adding some new items tonight and tomorrow!! The proceeds will go towards my mission trip this spring break.
13. Fall more in Love with Jesus: YES! I pray that I will continue to depend on Jesus more each day!
14. Work Out 2x a Week: YES! I make sure each day starts with quiet time and fitness. I'll be doing a blogpost on this one soon!
15. Keep my car ORGANIZED and CLEAN: I cleaned out my car a bit this weekend, but it could use a good vacuuming.
16. LOVE Selflessly: I want to work on this one this month!
17. Read a Book for Fun Once a Month: YES! I've been reading #GirlBoss and it is incredible. SO inspiring and it sucks me in for hours!
18. Learn How to Use My Camera: Ehhh, I could work on this one.
19. Memorize a Verse a Week: YES! We memorized Romans 1:16 this week using this Youtube Video. We know the handmotions and dance moves. Yes, we are really that cool. :)
20. Learn Calligraphy and Practice Lettering: Haven't started this one just yet. 
21. LISTEN more. I need to work on this one too! 

And now the recipe you've been waiting for...

Banana Berry Beet Smoothie. Is it not the prettiest smoothie you have ever seen? 

It's SO easy too. Toss a few berries, a banana, some beet juice (that gives it it's beautiful color!), and some almond milk. 

I like to have this smoothie after classes and it usually holds me over until dinner time. You need it in your life!

Best Ever Banana Beet Smoothie:

1 frozen banana
3-4 strawberries (frozen is okay!)
1/2 cup of beet juice (this comes from a can of beets you can buy at your local grocery store. add extra beets to salads)
3/4 cup of milk (I used almond milk, but regular and soy are okay!)
Drizzle of honey (to taste) 

Blend all ingredients on high speed until smooth. Serve with striped straw!

Enjoy friends! Hope your week is off to a great start! 


  1. Banana and berries! What's not to love? This is such a pretty drink!

    1. it's delicious too! let me know if you give it a try :)

  2. Amazing colour! I like your To Do list as well :)

  3. I love how the beet juice makes this so red! Great color. Great to-do list. Love the "Fall in love with Jesus more". That's on my list, too! :)

  4. Great goals, and gorgeous smoothie! Yay for beets!

  5. Great goals! One of mine is to do more reading, too :)

    That smoothie is beautiful! I'm always either on the lookout for or testing new smoothie recipes, so this one is definitely getting pinned for a pre-workout treat next week!

    1. hooray! it's pretty incredible. who would have thought that you can add beets to smoothies and it be so delicious?

  6. P.s. I don't know why clicking on "Fresh" links to blogger, but here's my blog: :)



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