Cupcakes and Sunshine: Holly Jolly Celebrations!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holly Jolly Celebrations!

Merry Christmas Eve! How is everybody doing? Ready for Santa?

While visiting at my Gramma's house this past week, Santa paid US a visit. Just a few minutes earlier I had mentioned to my cousin-- Sauve' (pronounced suh-vay)-- that we had not taken pictures with Santa this year.

And then he walked into the house after that.

(we were in our jammies!)
My mind was blown.
Christmas wishes really do come true!
Here are a few other holiday glimpses from my Christmas season thus far...

I've been traveling the south, visiting family, (whipping 360's in the middle of the city to snap pictures with gingerbread men...)

 (Oh deer! Christmas Costume Party 2014)

 ...making LOTS of Christmas cookies & baked goodies with my brother and nephew:

These are my favorite!

Banana Bread Muffins
 and a Gingerbread house...

gingerbread house fail^^

....FAIL. (at least it started off well!)

I've been watching LOTS of Christmas shows, trying delicious new foods...

(PHO noodles. It's now an obsession)

& getting treated to sparkly red GEL manicures with my future Sister-in-Law (thanks Connie!)...

(Y'all, once you go never go back. It's been a week and my nails still haven't chipped!) 

playing GIANT Jenga...

& lots and lots of Trivia Crack against eachother. (if you don't have this app you NEED it)...

and most importantly, spending time with loved ones as we worship and celebrate THE reason for the season!

I'm SO thankful for all the countless belly-laughs and blessings. I hope your Christmas season has been merry, bright, and full of smiles, friends! 


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