Cupcakes and Sunshine: 21 New Year's Goals for 2015

Sunday, December 28, 2014

21 New Year's Goals for 2015

Good Sunday morning, friends!

I've been reminiscing on this past year and a few of my favorite moments in 2014...

We went to HAWAII!
Beach Trips
Dawg Games
We saw OPRAH!
Lots of Dawg Games

Stole some sweet baby kisses!

Pumpkin Picking!
Dance Par-tays!

2014 was a great year and I can't wait to see what's in store for 2015! Here are a few goals that I've scribbled down in a few places that I plan on achieving this next year:

1. Have quiet time EVERY day: Quiet time is so important to me and I need to make it more of a priority each day. My day is so different and fulfilling if I start it with quiet time with the Lord. I received a few books this Christmas that I can't wait to start during my quiet time this year.

2. Blog at least twice a week: I know this is going to be a busy semester, but I definitely want to keep up with updates and recipes and adventures and travels here on Cupcakes and Sunshine. Stay tuned! :)

3. Make my bed every day: A couple of years ago, this was my only New Year's resolution. And I LOVED it. Before the resolution, making my bed was such a task. It is my least favorite chore, but I notice when I do it, it makes keeping the rest of my room clean. Making the tidying process SO. MUCH. EASIER.

4. Meal plan once a week: I am an impulse buyer when it comes to grocery purchasing. If it looks good in the store, then I think... HEY! I should make that this week! But I know if I planned things out more, my wallet would be happier, which leads me to...

5. Start a savings plan: I really need to jump back on the savings boat! For a while, I was sticking to an awesome plan. But I slowly let go of it and started spending more on things that I didn't need to. I'm going to get back to it!

6. Paint something...anything...often: I love painting and I really don't understand why I don't paint more. I love it every time I break out my brushes & paints, but I hardly ever take the time to do it. Changing that in 2015.

7. Send Snail Mail once a week: This is my FAVORITE thing to do. The workers at the post office officially know me. and they know my obsession with decorating packages with stripes and polkadots and colors and patterns. They all call me "honey" and say they give my packages extra special care ;)

8. Be more SPONTANEOUS: I stick to a schedule. All the time. And I think I drive myself crazy with it at times. I want to change this and say yes to SPONTANEITY!

9. Read the ENTIRE bible: I have never read the bible all the way through, and 2015 is the year! I didn't grow up reading the bible, and so I think reading straight through is tough! Sometimes I'll only get through a couple verses because I like to look up exactly what is going on and the background and the people and every.single.little.detail. But that makes it more fun! And I am going to be looking up a great plan for accomplishing this goal :)

10. Put some action behind my Pinterest boards: I have so so SO many ideas on Pinterest that I want to do!! I'm overwhelmed with so many great ideas I have seen on Pinterest. So I want to get crafty and start making some of those pins come to life!

11. Visit 4 New Cities: Maybe this will go along with my spontaneity goal? Random weekend roadtrip somewhere? Hmmmm...

12. Keep up with my Etsy Shop: I just started an Etsy shop, but there are only Christmas crafts and items in there right now. I would love to add more to the shop and get it going this year!

13. Fall more in Love with Jesus: God is SO big and I want Him to be a BIG part of my life. I don't think I'll ever fully fathom how big God is, but I want to grow closer to Him each and every day. This year I want to pray BIG and grow even closer to my Lord and Savior! 

14. Work Out 2x a Week: Okay, I know two times a week doesn't seem like that much. But I really want this goal to be super easy and attainable and that way it will become a habit in 2015.

15. Keep my car ORGANIZED and CLEAN: I can keep my room spotless and organized, my bathroom spotless and organized, my closet spotless and organized. But for some reason, my car tends to be more likely a hot mess. Pearl-my sweet Camery- will be receiving a deep cleaning this week and will hopefully REMAIN that way this year.

16. LOVE Selflessly: I've learned so much about loving others this year. My heart is so full and so touched by those who have loved and encouraged me every step of the way. This year I want to LOVE even more. "Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

17. Read a Book for Fun Once a Month: I just received lots of new reads including Let's All Be Brave and The Nesting Place. These will be first on my list.

18. Learn How to Use My Camera: I really don't know much about taking pictures. I usually take 100 pictures with my camera and hope and pray that one of them will work out. I recently purchased this e-book online and it is INCREDIBLE. I just need to sit down, study it a bit, and practice!

19. Memorize a Verse a Week: I just learned about this awesome site that will help you memorize verses so that you will have them with you at all times. Can't wait to look more into this! I just got my new planner (which you will find out more about later this week) and I love writing verses in my planner each week to pray over and memorize!

20. Learn Calligraphy and Practice Lettering: I LOVE lettering. and pretty calligraphy. and maybe I will be able to write pretty notes to those who I'm snail-mailing (goal 7) SO excited about this goal.

21. LISTEN more. "Make your ear attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding" Proverbs 2:2. I can be stubborn when it comes to this one. I'm workin' on it! :) 

Happy Sunday and Happy almost NEW YEAR, friends! What are your New Year's goals?


  1. Great resolutions ! Some of mines are similar, such as "having a quiet time", "read more", "read the bible" and work out :)

  2. Love your list. I started reading through the entire Bible last summer. I'm like you though and really get into learning all the background information. I've been following this plan that reads through the Bible chronologically. So instead of reading it straight through you read it as it would go on a timeline.
    Also how do you like your camera? I've been saving up to buy one for myself and have been checking out lots of different ones.
    The Postcard Journals

  3. Aww it looks like such a fun year!



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