Cupcakes and Sunshine: The Snack that Gives Back!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Snack that Gives Back!

Goodmorning on this chilly, chilly Tuesday!

I am so excited to talk to y'all today about one of my favorite companies: Good Spread!

Good Spread is an amazing one-for-one peanut butter company that gives a packet of therapeutic food to malnourished children across the world for every jar of PB purchased.

If you remember my Gifts that Give back Giftlift Wishlist from a couple of posts back, Good Spread was one of my top picks! It is some of the BEST peanut butter I've had as well, with sweet hints of honey in every spoonful.

Peanut butter is definitely one of my favorite snacks. I even have a special peanut butter spoon with my name on it:

Not only am I putting Good Spread on my Christmas list for myself, I think it will be a great gift to give! And knowing that it is a snack that gives back make me so, so happy!

You can order Good Spread right through Amazon and have it shipped to your door in 2 DAYS and if you use coupon code "GAPEANUT" you will receive 10% off your order! I'm linking up some of my favorite peanut butter recipes that you can try out with Good Spread.

Like my Peanut Butter Pumpkin French Toast:

These Classic Peanut Butter Cookies:

Egg White Oatmeal is a healthy way to start off your morning with a scoop of PB!

 and I want to make these Peanut Butter Brownies RIGHT now:

Help spread some good this holiday season and let me know what recipes you are going to make with Good Spread!

Happy, happy Tuesday!


  1. Replies
    1. One of my good friends ordered it for me for my birthday! I think she ordered it on Etsy!



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