Cupcakes and Sunshine: THE BEST MONDAY. EVER.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Good morning friends!

This week began with a GREAT start. I really don't think I've ever had a better Monday! I received a text during class from my good friend Ellie asking if I wanted to head to Atlanta to try out True Food Kitchen and go to The Grove at Passion City Church.

I had no plans scheduled for the rest of the evening, so of course I said YES! Spontaneous trips to the ATL for good food and time with good friends and Jesus!?

I'm a planner, and I'm usually quick to say "no" to things if I haven't planned them ahead of time. Spontaneity isn't typically my forte. Which is NOT okay! God has called us to a life of adventure and trust in His plans! And I'm SO glad I trusted His plan for Monday night, let go of my agenda, and said YES on the spot.

Krista, Ellie, and I headed down the road to Atlanta right after classes and had the BEST time! Before arriving at The Grove, we stopped for dinner at True Food Kitchen...

Y'all. I'm pretty sure everyone in the restaurant thought we didn't get out of the house much. We were SO excited that all of the food was organically raised, healthily prepared, made-in-house, delicious, unique... we were giddy.

We took about 100 selfies of our excitement. And had our waitress take some pictures of us too.

The menu was incredible in all ways^^. There was a juice bar. Everything was made in house and local. It was GREAT. I snuck some pictures of the chefs preparing, chopping, and slicing our food right in front of us:

The atmosphere was modern and chic. True Food Kitchen GROWS their herbs and veggies right outside of the restaurant:

Ellie, Krista, and I were absolutely giddy, I tell ya! We ordered a couple bowls of the Kale salad- marinated with lemon juice, parmesan, and bread crumbs.

And we shared the spaghetti squash casserole with house-made chicken sausage and mozzarella. (SO FRESH AND DELICIOUS) It was a dining experience I will never forget.

 Then we headed right down the street to The Grove- which is a monthly gathering of worship and praise for women in the Atlanta area at Passion City Church:

It was absolutely INCREDIBLE to see thousands of women- young and old- overflowing into the isles, sitting on the floors around chairs, and packed into the church to sing sweet praises of God's love! I had chills the entire night as women shared their stories and testimonies and how God has influenced their lives and changed their hearts for Him! The main focus of the evening was Grace in the NOW and Gratefulness in the Unknown. Often times, we focus on the future and what's ahead and completely miss the NOW and how we can be serving and resting in God's word in the present.

After a great night of worship, we headed back to Athens. But let's not forget our Publix stop three minutes before they locked the doors to grab unpictured pints of Ben and Jerry's (Americone Dream and Half-Baked) that we shared on the way back. It was an unforgettable, incredible Monday!

I hope your week has been off to a great start as well! Happy Tuesday morning, friends!


  1. I am the same way with saying no to things that haven't been planned in advance... It's something I'm working on for sure! So any advice, send it my way!

    1. what helps me is to just not think about it, no over-analyzing! Just say YES! :)



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