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Saturday, November 8, 2014

gifts that give back giftlist wishlist

Happy Saturday, friends! We are off to the Santa Shop to do some shopping and browsing and prepare for the holiday season ahead. I already have my 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family countdown and have pulled out all of my Christmas jammies. Let the holidays BEGIN!

Most of the time I like to do my Christmas shopping along and along during the holiday season. I know there are some Christmas sticklers out there who think Christmas should be celebrated once Thanksgiving is complete, but I feel the holiday season starts when the weather is chilly. And I can give thanks and celebrate Christmas at the same time, ya know?

So I've made a list of some of my favorite online shops and goodies of where I will be purchasing some gifts this year. It has really been on my heart lately to help those in need this season and I love that each of these shops gives back to those who need it most!

Although I'm a HUGE fan of the 25 Days of Christmas sugar cookies... hot cocoa... and mistletoe scented candles... I feel that loving others, praying for those in need, and giving time to encourage those in the community and across the world is what this season is truly about!

Here is my Gifts that Give Back Giftlist Wishlist 2014.

1. Good Spread: Good Spread is an AMAZING one-for-one company that sends food to malnourished families across the globe for every jar of peanut butter purchased. And y'all, this peanut butter is absolutely delicious! I put it on everything. And can go through a jar in a week. You can now purchase Good Spread on Amazon and have it at your door with 2-day shipping. (Use Code: "GaPEANUT" at checkout for discount!) It's a win, win, win. For my PB-loving friends, you will be getting Good Spread for Christmas. SURPRISE! :)

Read more about the company HERE:
Purchase HERE:

2. iSanctuary Purpose Handcrafted Jewelry: These jewelry pieces are handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery. I love how empowering this company is and that is provides care for young women rescued from sex trafficking.

Love these colorful bangles:

Find out more about the company HERE:
Purchase HERE:

3. Headbands of Hope: The story behind this business absolutely warms my heart! For every headband purchased, a headband is donated to girls with cancer and $1 is donated to fund childhood cancer research. Love these bands!

Story behind the bands HERE:
Purchase bands HERE:

4. Threads: Threads employs at-risk teens and helps fund their educations. Many of Threads employees are first-generation college students who dream of becoming doctors, broadcasters, writers, and engineers.

Learn about the business and shop: HERE

5. fh-Food for the Hungry: I love that you can make direct donations to purchase shoes, dairy cows, and water purification packets for across the world. These purchases can be LIFE changing for hunger-stricken areas in Kenya or a community in Haiti.

Read about fh: HERE
Donate: HERE

6. Janji: Janji is a running apparel brand that provides water to those in need. There are many countries which lack the means to provide safe drinking sources. In Haiti, 3.6 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Love this shop!

Read about the Janji HERE
Shop Janji HERE

I hope your Saturday is great, friends!

Question of the Day: When do you start your holiday shopping?


  1. I holiday shop all year but I didn't do that as much this year as I have in the past.

  2. Love all these and that Good Spread looks delicious. Also ABC's 25 days of Christmas is the best.
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