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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ABC's of Me!

It's humpday! Woohoo! We are halfway through the week! Almost there! This afternoon, I was reading Tristan and Kristin's blog and came across a super fun post that I absolutely loved! I decided to do the ABC's of me as well, so you could get to know me a little better. 

A.  age: 21, but I often am told I look much younger. I am currently in the process of leading a middle school small group at my church and all of my middle schoolers look older than me!

blowing out the birthday candles!

B. birthday: October 12th. Columbus day!

C. color:  this is a TOUGH one. probably because I win the "Most Indecisive" award. I like the color yellow because it is happy and bright, but I love wearing shades of blue and blue makes me so happy as well! I think those are my top two.

D. dogs: Vizlas and Chocolate labs. Can't wait for the day I have a schedule where I can spend time with a pup and adopt! I don't follow many animal instagram accounts, but @VizlasofInstagram has stolen my heart. 

E. experience: Italy. I started a baking business in high school- Sweet Travels- so that I could travel abroad. The travel bug continues to bite me each day and I am wondering if I should start baking again. Italy was a dream but I would love to visit Paris, London, Greece, Spain, China, and Japan!

F. fear: I have emetophobia. The fear is real y'all.

G. guilty pleasures: 19 Kids and Counting. LOVE this show. And the Kardashians. Yes. My two favorite shows are the most contradicting of shows. But I can't get enough of either of them. Oh! and milk chocolate chips. by the handful. Currently have a fist-full.

H. height: 5'2. But maybe 5'3? I think I have grown an inch since college. crazy, right?

I. injuries: I've done a lot of crazy things (I cheered for many years!), but I have never actually broken a bone. I bruised my tailbone once while cheering in high school. But I think that is the extent of my injuries. I fall down the stairs weekly though. And stub my toes often. Do those count?

J. job: Oh wow! This question has been on my mind SO much lately! I am currently praying for a job I LOVE. It is my dream job to be a mom and to have my own business while working from home, but until then I am hoping to get a few internships up my sleeve. I would love to intern this spring while going to school and possibly intern in the Atlanta or Greenville area this summer.

K. kids: I have no kids, but I want a house full some day!

L. love:  My roommates are currently the loves of my life right now! Hahaha! I love their hearts, their encouragement, and their selflessness. They inspire me each and every day!

M. most missed: my sweet cousins! I traveled to South Carolina last weekend to visit my cousins and Jackson-the newest baby in our family.

The baby fever is real! I can't wait to hold him again soon.

N. nicknames:  my family has called me Haley Boo or just "Boo" since I was little, but I often go by Hales, Haley Bug, and the occasional Haley-Mae.

O. one wish: to go to Disney World. Sometimes when college gets busy, applications get tough, and life just seems difficult...I close my eyes and pretend I'm a kid again at Disney World.

P. picture that describes you:

Q. quote- this one:

R. restaurant: I have a LOT of restaurants I love. I think restaurants are my love language. So here's my list: True Foods Kitchen, the Last Resort, Marietta Diner, Mon Amie, Zoe's Kitchen, Flip Burger, J. Christopher's, Panera Bread, Tacqueria Tsunami, Big City Bread, La Dolce Vita, Tupelo Honey, Flying Biscuit Cafe, Which Wich, The Cheesecake Factory, Luna's Living Kitchen, Fern, to name a few.

S. siblings: I have a half-brother, half-sister, and stepbrother but I grew up as an only child. And now I live with 6 of my bestfriends and we are so close I'd consider them my sisters.

T. time of day: I LOVE the morning time. Sometimes I wake up at 6am so that I can soak up the peaceful moments before the day begins and have some quiet time with the Lord. I love knowing that each day is a new day and a new start!

U. unusual habits: I drink a LOT of Honest Green Tea. I have to make my bed in the morning, and if I don't, I make it before getting in the bed at night. I like to have my back popped for me a lot. I take melatonin everynight to help me sleep. I take surveys through ePoll surveys online to earn giftcards. I eat peanutbutter with a spoon straight from the jar.

V. vehicle: I have a silver Camery. Her name is Pearl. She is great.

W. worst pet peeve: When waiters/waitresses at restaurants pack your leftovers FOR you! I don't know why this irks me so much, and I know they are being helpful...but I can pack my own leftovers. Sometimes I may not want certain leftover items in the box, and I want to arrange my food so its nice and pretty for the next day.

X. x-rays: I think my teeth- for braces and wisdom teeth- are the only things that have been x-rayed. Unless a CT scan counts as an x-ray? I had one of those a couple summers ago.

Y. yummy food you make: Magic Cookie Bars. They are my favorite thing. And I rarely make them because I have ZERO self control around them. I used to lick the sweetened condensed milk can while making them. Gross, right? LOVE that stuff. If someone would like to make a pan of Magic Cookie Bars and then ration them out to me so I still have self control, I would be forever grateful!

Z. zoo animal: Sloths. One time at a job interview I was asked... if I could be an animal, which one would I be. It was the most random question that I hadn't prepared for. I said the first thing that came to mind: A CheetahSloth. What?! Yes. A CheetahSloth. I told the interviewer that I would have to combine two animals- a cheetah because I could get things done quickly...and a sloth. So that I could relax and rest when needed. When the interview was over, I felt kind-of blehhh about my answers. I sent the interviewer a "Thank You" email for allowing me the chance to come in and learn more about the business and to interview with him. I then attached a "CheetahSloth" that I had created on photoshop. You know...a cheetah body with a sloth head in a forest of trees. Well, I got the job the next day! Sloths are my goodluck charms. and get me jobs.

Happy humpday friends! 


  1. i looovveee you!!

  2. I love it! We have a surprising amount in common :) Italy is my next trip, any suggestions are welcome!

  3. After reading this i've decided we should be friends. I am from the Marietta area and the Marietta Diner is definitely a good choice. Also The Flying Biscuit is one of my favs; anywhere that specializes in breakfast foods is a winner in my book.
    Mornings are also my favorite and eating peanut butter straight from the jar is the best. (i am jealous of that spoon!)
    Also your bakery Sweet Travels sounds amazing. I've been dreaming up of a way where I can get paid to travel the world and learn how to cook foods from different places. You should check out this cookbook A Suitcase and A Spatula. It is one of my favorites, and if you like cooking and traveling you will like it too.
    The Postcard Journals

    1. the Marietta diner is my favorite!!! yes we do have lots of similarities!

  4. Ummm I love this idea! Going to look up the Cheetahsloth now…:)



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