Cupcakes and Sunshine: Fall Weather and Birthday Wishlists

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Weather and Birthday Wishlists

You guys!! This fall weather has been incredible. I have been going on mini morning jogs and walks so that I can soak it all in right when I wake up! This past weekend, the weather was absolutely perfect as we cheered on our dawgs...

We came home early from the game to wrap up in blankets, watch Modern Family on repeat, and you better believe our Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candles were burning! (There may or may not have been apple cider involved as well.)

Fall is our guilty pleasure.

Also a guilty pleasure: creating lists. I make lists for anything and everything. To-do lists, things-to-buy lists, grocery lists...and as you know, I've already started working on my birthday list. (one week birthday count down!) I've added a couple more things that I think would be really fun:

Last week, I wrote about these Ashley Brooke Design's mugs that I absolutely love. They had to go on my wishlist:

I think they'd start mornings off pretty well, don't ya think?

Also on my wishlist: a Clarisonic.

 I've been wanting one of these for a while and I've heard nothing but good results from them. I feel taking care of your skin at an early age is so important. Yes, I use wrinkle cream, sunscreen, and moisturizers because our skin is the only skin we get!

Next on my birthday wishlist: ADVENTURES. Okay, I know this is a pretty broad item to add to my wishlist, but my goal for this year was for it to be the year of adventures. I think it would be so much fun to receive handmade coupons to different places throughout town: trying out new restaurants, a trip to the movies, a hike somewhere beautiful, a pottery class with friends. This year, I want less "stuff" and more adventures and time and memories!

Adventures from this summer^^

And finally on my birthday wishlist: Mission Funds! The Lord has blessed me with an amazing opportunity to travel with CRU ministries to New York this spring break on a mission trip to share the gospel with those in the city.

I am super excited about this trip and can't wait to build relationships with those in the community, those on the trip, and to share what the Lord has done for me and the hope and healing He brings! This is a BIG one on my birthday wishlist and if you feel called to donate, you can click right HERE to my fundraising site.

And that just about covers everything on my birthday wishlist.

I hope your Sunday is full of fall and happiness!


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