Cupcakes and Sunshine: Life as of Lately...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life as of Lately...

Happy Monday Y'all!

I would say that Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week. They are in close competition with peaceful, relaxing Sundays. Except Mondays aren't very peaceful or relaxing, but refreshing and new and hopeful for the days of the week ahead! 

I don't really have much to say for today because I feel like most of my Mondays are the same.
Wake up, class, back home, homework/organize, go back to class, homework/organize, food, workout/yoga, sleep. Repeat every Monday.

But I'd thought I'd give you a little update of life as of lately...currently:

Currently drinking: Honest Peach White Tea. I'm obsessed. I love them. They aren't too sugary and are full of antioxidants. I'm a big, big fan.

Currently planning: My days/weeks ahead. My planner has almost every line filled for this week. And it's only Monday! I'm a bit Type A when it comes to planning. Actually, my roommates would probably tell you I'm a lot Type A when it comes to planning. Every detail and date has its own color, its own sticker, its own place in the agenda. You can call it Type A, I call it pretty planning :)

Currently Snacking on: New KIND Honey Mustard Strong bars. Okay y'all. These are DELICIOUS. Before I knew about these, I would snack on those honey mustard pretzels that you find on the chip isle that are full of added chemicals and fat and sodium and yuck. They were good, but I felt so gross  and blehhh after eating them. And then KIND Strong bars walked into my life. They are ridiculously healthy, full or protein, and all natural to boot. go get yourself some!

Currently Thinking about: Spring break of this year. I know it is not even October, but I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to go on a mission trip to NYC with CRU ministries this upcoming spring break. So, so pumped about it!

Currently Organizing: the food I have in my pantry. I made a list of all the meals and snacks I can make without going to the store for the next week. I LOVE grocery shopping! I think it is my favorite hobby. But sometimes I over-buy and really need to sit back and see what ingredients I have to whip something up without shopping. It's kind-of like a little grocery challenge too. I would have never known that chickpeas and cheese were such a match made in heaven if I didn't pull out the random ingredients I had in my pantry, throw together a chickpea quesadilla, and experiment with them.

Currently having fun with: My birthday wishlist. I LOVE lists. I have a pack of 3x5 index cards sitting right next to me at all times to write down my to-do lists, grocery lists, wishlists. My roommates even pinned a to-do list I had made on our kitchen corkboard because they thought it was so funny. I have been working on a fun little birthday list (which I will post later this week!) since I'll be 21 in a couple of days. (Crazy, right?)

Ashley Brooke Design's Mugs are on the list....

^^^HOW CUTE is this mug?! I would definitely be channeling my inner-Beyonce' with this one.

and this one is absolutely darling as well:

And this one:

I want them all!

Happy Monday friends! I hope your "currentlys" are also joyful and refreshing like this Monday has been! (even though it's a tad bit dreary out).

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  1. i always adore all the things you share. i need the sunshine mug WITH the lemons right about ... now. your planner makes me love you because i'm obsessed with writing things down instead of electronic, and that first pic is too cute. XOXO



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